N1MM Logger
Potente programma per la gestione di tutti i più comuni contest.
Di seguito si danno le istruzioni per utilizzare il famoso Logger DXLAB, che troverete sempre su questo sito e su questo menu stesso, per registrare i collegamenti effettuati col programma N1MM che notoriamente è dedicato esclusivamente per i Contest:

N1MM-DXKeeper Gateway Online Help

The N1MM to DXKeeper Gateway enables each QSO logged in N1MM to be immediately logged to DXKeeper. The Gateway is free, and contains no advertising; commercial use is expressly forbidden.


To install the Gateway, download its zip archive, and extract the application it contains into the folder of your choice. This application will only work correctly if you have DXKeeper installed. You can create a desktop icon to start the Gateway, or you can configure the DXLab Launcher to automatically start the Gateway with your DXLab applications.
You must configure N1MM to send an external UDP broadcast whenever it logs a QSO. To do this, terminate N1MM, and then use a text editor like Notepad to place the following entries in the N1MM Logger.ini file:
If an [ExternalBroadcast]section is already present in the N1MM Logger.ini file, add any of the DestinationIPs, DestinationPort or IsBroadcastContact statements that are not already present in that section. After modifying N1MM Logger.ini, save your changes and restart N1MM. Additional information about N1MM's external UDP broadcasts is available here.
In some cases, the Gateway will not receive N1MM's UDB broadcast unless you include your computer's IPv4 address in the [ExternalBroadcast]section's DestinationIPs item, separated by a single space, e.g.
To determine your computer's IPv4 address, direct windows top open a Cmd window, enter the ipconfig command, and strike the enter key; your computer's IPv4 address will be included in the results displayed by this command.
If N1MM is running while you make changes to its Logger.ini file, those changes will be overwritten when N1MM terminates.
You can start the Gateway, N1MM, and DXKeeper in any order. The Gateway displays a small window that indicates whether it has "connected" with DXKeeper, which it does automatically when DXKeeper starts. Clicking this window's Help button displays the web page you're now reading. An indication in red font will appear if new entries have been placed in an Errorlog.txt file in the folder in which the Gateway resides; if this happens, please report it to the DXLab Yahoo Group. During normal operation, the Gateway's main window can be minimized; its primary purpose is to permit the Gateway to be terminated when desired.
With the Gateway running, logging a QSO in N1MM will log a QSO with the following ADIF fields in DXKeeper:
  • MODE
  • NAME
  • PFX
  • QTH
  • SRX
  • SRX_STRING (populated from N1MM's Exchange1 field)
  • STX
  • TX_PWR
If you have questions or suggestions, please send them via email to the DXLab Yahoo Group.

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Version 14.09.00 (Started Sep 02, 2014) -- Download
AZ QSO: Change to Bonus Station. (KE7DX)(Coded by K3CT)
Bug Form: Automatic prompting to submit a bug report is disabled. Bug reports can still be submitted via the home page web form. (Coded by K3CT)

Version 14.08.00 (Started Aug 13, 2014) -- Download
KingEA contest: cncw.sec section file updated.(RA6YDX)(Coded by NA3M)
RDAC contest: RDAC.sec section file updated.(DL6KVA)(Coded by NA3M)
PA QSO: Change to Bonus Stations. (Coded by K3CT)

Version 14.06.00 (Started Jun 06, 2014) -- Download
GA QSO: Remove Mult2 from Log window. (Coded by K3CT)
7QP, IN, NE QSO Party: Set Entry window the initial DUPE indicator based only on the callsign, stations that change counties will change their callsign. (W7GKF) (Coded by K3CT)

Version 14.04.01 (Started Apr 22, 2014) -- Download
WV QSO Party: Changed the scoring for mobile operators, changed to Cabrillo 3.0 for the mobile selector. Please test before the contest.(K8VE)(Coded by K3CT)
ME QSO Party: Added SOM county.(KB1HNZ)(Coded by K3CT)

Version 14.04.00 (Started Apr 09, 2014) -- Download
GCUP (Gagarin Cup contest) - updated per new rules (all xx80KEDR stations are multipliers this year). (Coded by NA3M)

Version 14.03.01 (Started Mar 18, 2014) -- Download
Fixed problem where "TU Key" (') suddenly stops working (coded by N2IC)

Version 14.03.00 (Started Mar 11, 2014) -- Download
Put some defensive coding in delete contest (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Corrects issue when opening Additional RX windows and clearing the MMTTY com port. (Coded by N2AMG)
QCWA QSO Party: Rules reverted to 2012 rules. Please test before the contest.(W8EK)(Coded by K3CT)
WI QSO Party: Starting day is Sunday.(K0RC)(Coded by K3CT)
ID QSO Party: Missing BEN county.(DL4CW)(Coded by K3CT)
Voice Message: A leading space before the wav filename caused a recording file name error. During playback add error logging of the current directory for debugging errors.(Coded by K3CT)
FTDX5000 SO2V: Corrected the sub receiver wide/narrow filter codes.(Coded by K3CT)
VoltaRTTY: Minor change for the rules: points (and mult2) for QSO between 2
US stations will be assigned like for the QSO between two different call
areas. (I2DMI) (Coded by NA3M).
New contest NauryzDX added. (UN2G) (Coded by NA3M)

Version 14.02.01 (Started Feb 18, 2014) -- Download
EAPSK & EARTTY. Rules change on scoring. New multiplier HQ (station EA4URE). (EC1KR,EA5HT,EA4ZK) (Coded by EA7GV)
RSGB 21/28 MHz contest: every US call area on the same band was incorrectly counted as mult. (GW0ETF, G3MZV) (Coded by NA3M)
WAG contest: added logic to gray out the non-DL spots for non-DL stations. (SE6N) (Coded by NA3M)
Open RTTY Championship of Ukraine (UKRRTTYOPN): correction to time periods. (UZ2HZ) (Coded by NA3M)
Black Sea Cup International contest: QSO with HQ stations gives only 1 point now. (UT0FT) (Coded by NA3M)
Digital - Corrects Com Port issues when working with MMTTY.
This has been tested on a couple of systems and seems to correct the issue. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 14.02.00 (Started Feb 11, 2014) -- Download
MS QSO Party: Rules changes. (W5UE)(Coded by K3CT)
Removes clearing the xmmt.ocx comport variable when the .ocx is first loaded.(Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects an error when switching from RTTY/PSK to CW and Back again. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - N1MM no longer sets any Com Port information in MMTTY. The user will still set the digital port in N1MM that MMTTY will use but just for N1MM use to make sure the port is closed in N1MM and MMTTY can control it. The user will now do as is required when using FSK. They will need to open MMTTY in stand-alone mode and set the com port to use for PTT then Close MMTTY. MMTTY will now be responsible for all Com Port control with the logger not setting any Com port settings.

Version 14.01.02 (Started Jan 29, 2014) -- Download
LA QSO Party: Change to Cabrillo 3.0. (K5ER)(Coded by K3CT)

Version 14.01.01 (Started Jan 22, 2014) -- Download
LA QSO Party: Bonus station change. (K5ER) (Coded by K3CT)
TS-2000: Changed the recommended Config defaults. (Coded by K3CT)
WWPMC Contest: Updated the section file. (S54X) (Coded by K3CT)

Version 14.01.00 (Started Jan 07, 2014) -- Download
NC QSO Party: Rules changes. Currently some Operator Categories do not match the Cabrillo 3.0 Specification. Users will have to edit the Cabrillo file. (AA4XX) (Coded by K3CT)
Radio Control: Added support for the new IC-7800 firmware RIT commands. Users must install firmware revision 3.00 or newer. (K8UT) (Coded by K3CT)

Version 13.12.02 (Started Dec 29, 2013) -- Download
Fix error code 91 when logging Rookie Roundup CW or SSB QSO. (AB3TM) (coded by N2IC)
UBA DX Contest: Add Croatia to the European Union countries. (ON5ZO)(Coded by K3CT)
SARTG New Year Contest: Sponsor accepts Cabrillo files, add Cabrillo output. (SM5FUG)(Coded by K3CT)
Return DLDCRTTY contest back to the logger for those who will try to open their old database with this contest (many). (coded by NA3M)

Version 13.12.01 (Started Dec 17, 2013) -- Download
DRCG LDC becomes DRCG-WW-RTTY. Bug fixed - a station in one call area was not getting multiplier credit for making (the first) contact with a station in the same call area. (DJ3IW) (Coded by NA3M)
VA QSOParty: Rules change, remove the BEX abbreviation. (N3TG) (Coded by K3CT)

Version 13.12.00 (Started Dec 05, 2013) -- Download
Available Window: Improve the button coloring efficiency. Comment out unused code. (Coded by K3CT)
CWOps: Change the Invalid Exchange message. Improve the suggested exchange for callsigns containing a portable designator like KP2/K3CT. (Coded by K3CT)
K3: Correct the code that ignores bad VFOB frequency data from the radio. (Coded by K3CT)

Version 13.11.01 (Started Nov 28, 2013) -- Download
ARCI contest: rolled back VE and K country mult credit (N4BP) (coded by PA1M)

Version 13.11.00 (Started Nov 19, 2013) -- Download
Make sure that user has included port number in the UDP broadcast address (VA3MW) (coded by N2IC).
KY QSO Party: Rules changed to allow Mobile/Rover, enabled Rover mode output. (K5YAA) (Coded by K3CT)

Version 13.10.02 (Started Oct 30, 2013) -- Download
When a single rotor has been configured, always make it the selected rotor. (KZ1X) (coded by N2IC)

Version 13.10.01 (Started Oct 16, 2013) -- Download
Add CLASSIC Overlay Category to Cabrillo (Coded by N2IC)

Version 13.10.00 (Started Oct 15, 2013) -- Download
Improve error message when mode incorrectly set for function key editor. (AB7R) (coded by N2IC)

Version 13.09.01 (Started Sep 10, 2013) -- Download
Correct Winkey initialization on program startup. (coded by N2IC)
NRRL-FIELDDAY: QSO nr per band for all categories implemented (LA6FJA) (Coded by NA3M)
Most of the help urls were broken. (VE3KI) (Coded by N1MM)

Version 13.09.00 (Started Sep 03, 2013) -- Download
AZ QSO Party: Rules changes for 2013. Note that county line operation is allowed. The software automates the logging of county line stations when county exchanges are combined separated with "/" (example: AZAPH/AZCHS). Check the rules for serial number logging of county line stations. The county line automation is explained in the manual at the following link: (KE7DX)(Coded by K3CT)
Keystroke: When the Check window displays reverse callsign lookup callsign(s) Alt+Y does not populate the Entry window correctly. (W6SX) (Coded by K3CT)
Digital - Corrects RX Windows from moving behind other controls on the DI when opening internal RX windows. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects High CPU usage when TNC goes to transmit. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 13.08.02 (Started Aug 27, 2013) -- Download
AR QSO Party: Many rules changes for 2013. Tnx W5RZ for testing the changes. (W5RZ)(Coded by K3CT)
Add startup check for bad DBGRID32.OCX version. (JA2BQX) (coded by N2IC)

Version 13.08.02 (Started Aug 20, 2013) -- Download
Reverse Call Lookup: Added reverse callsign lookup using exchange data from multiple exchange boxes. An example would be NAQP (Name & State). Color the reverse lookup calls black if dupe, bold if the callsign matches Entry Window call. (VE3KI) (Coded by K3CT)
RDAC: New Section file that adds MA11,MA12 and deletes MO47,MO53.(SP5KP) (Coded by K3CT)
UKSMG Contest : removed warning message for QSOs made in the Intercontinental section of the band. (Coded by NA3M)

Version 13.08.01 (Started Aug 13, 2013) -- Download
Fixed handling of /P calls. (Many) (coded by N2IC)
Corrected URL for country file download. (coded by N2IC)
WAE: Self-Spots are populating the NR box with "-1". (N4ZR)(Coded by K3CT)
WAE: When sending QTC's, pressing the equal key places the program in RUN mode. (NF8I)(Coded by K3CT)
Digi: Networked-computer mode, after hitting Esc and then F1 station completes transmission but stays in TX in Info window blocking all other stations (RG9A). (Coded by NA3M)
VHF NAC: corrected total score calculations (R1DX). (Coded by NA3M)
UKSMG Contest : added warning message for QSOs made in the Intercontinental section of the band (G8FXM). (Coded by NA3M)
CVA-DX (CW/SSB): Band Change Timer disabled for all categories (PT2LA) (Coded by NA3M)
WAE CW: for EU stations, new menu item (non-sticky) added for WAE - "Ctrl-Z sends QTC? automatically (EU stations, Run mode only)" (ON5ZO). (Coded by NA3M)

Version 13.08.00 (Started Aug 06, 2013) -- Download
Fixed erroneous "Suspect Call" message when entering a portable call. (Coded by N2IC)
MARAC Contest: Change to the scoring. (N2CQ)(Coded by K3CT)
Reverse Callsign Lookup: If the call history is disabled, perform the reverse lookup using only the log data. (Coded by K3CT)
RDAC Contest Bug: Incoming telnet spots did not use call history data to determine multipliers. This has been corrected. The exchange data needs to be imported into the call history Exch1 field. (LY2KZ)(Coded by K3CT)
VHFHELV26 Contest: Add sent and received serial number to the Log window. Add Canton display to the Multiplier window, Section option. (HB9DDS)(Coded by K3CT)
Helvetia Contest: Moved the sent number exchange in the Entry and Log windows. (HB9DDS)(Coded by K3CT)
NAQP: Summary window missing second multiplier column label. (W4BQF)(Coded by K3CT)

Version 13.07.04 (Started Jul 30, 2013) -- Download
Digital - Corrects RT Error crash when mousing over the Internal RX windows. (Coded by N2AMG)
IARU: The bearing heading changes for some callsigns in the Bandmap when tuning off frequency. (W7ZRC)(Coded by K3CT)
IARU, SPDX: Eliminate delays during QSO entry with slower computers and large databases containing many contests & QSO's. (Coded by K3CT)
Bearing Calculation: Added error detection code for grid square and calculations using Section information. Commented out unused routines and improved the overall efficiency. (Coded by K3CT)
Spot Processing: Reduced the time it takes to process incoming spots when not filtering on Continent, Country, and Call Area (all three disabled). (Coded by K3CT)
CW Spot Randomizing: Shutting off CW spot randomizing causes an error message and the option state is not saved. (AA1AR)(Coded by K3CT)
Networked Computer: Fixed network frequency update when switching radios in SO2R or VFO's in SO2V mode. (Coded by K3CT)
Manual Radio: Enabled the networked computer frequency broadcast for manual radio. All manual radio users, even those not using networked computer mode, may notice operational differences. Please test and report any manual radio issues. (Coded by K3CT)
Check Window: After a user clicks on a callsign in the Check window return focus to the Entry window. (LZ2BE)(Coded by K3CT)
Developer Note: Removed custom debug code not executed by users. Commented out several unused bearing functions. (Coded by K3CT)

Version 13.07.03 (Started Jul 24, 2013) -- Download
Fix network frequency update when switching VFO's using SO2V and Kenwood. (coded by N2IC)
Replace network talk (ctrl-e) input box with a modeless form. This allows the network talk window to stay open while moving focus to the Entry Window or other windows. There is a new right-click option in the talk window to choose whether or not to move focus to Entry Window on Enter. (coded by N2IC)
For IARU and WRTC contests, allow HQ abbreviation to be entered in the callsign field for checking dupe status of the HQ mult in the Available window. (coded by N2IC)
Improve SendToIP error message. (K2BA) (coded by N2IC)
FT2000 & FTDX5000: In RUN mode when Up/DnArrow is pressed, turn RIT On and change RIT frequency. (LY6A)(Coded by K3CT)
Call History: Corrected an error when updating the call history grid square fields from the current log. (Coded by K3CT)
VHF Bearing: If the call history contains identical grids in Loc1 and Loc2 fields, display one grid square. (Coded by K3CT)
Rover QTH: When changing the Rover QTH from the Multiplier window, automatically update the station Grid Square, Longitude, and Latitude. (Coded by K3CT)
Digital - Removes API call in the RX Window Mousemove events (Coded by N2AMG)
RRTC: SentNr removed from Entry Window (W1EBI). (Coded by NA3M)
CVA-DX (CW and SSB): updated per new rules (PT2LA) . (Coded by NA3M)

Version 13.07.02 (Started Jul 16, 2013) -- Download
DMC RTTY: Multi-One timer rule change. (IQ3MB)(Coded by K3CT)
QSO Party: Change the following QSO Parties to Cabrillo 3.0: IN, IN7QPNE, ME, MN, and NEWE. (coded by K3CT)
MN QSO Party: Rules changes. (AC0W)(Coded by K3CT)
PA QSO Party: Bonus station change. (Coded by K3CT)
Program Internals: Corrected an error in a routine used to determine the base callsign for callsign lookup and other portions of the program operation. (Coded by K3CT)
Rover QTH: Automatically update the station grid square, Longitude, Latitude when changing Rover QTH. Allow a user to input a six character grid square for beam heading accuracy and truncate the Rover QTH grid square to four characters for Dupe checking & logging. (K1TR)(Coded by K3CT)
Grid Square Contests: Changed the bearing display and program operation. Users can enter a grid square in the exchange box and the program will calculate the beam heading. Regional beam headings calculated from the section or callsign are displayed for frequencies below 903MHz when the exchange box is blank. Reduced the grid square contest code overhead in many areas. (Coded by K3CT)
Reverse Callsign Lookup: Added support for most types of exchange box types (most contests). If problems are noticed, right click in the Check window and disable the reverse lookup feature. (Coded by K3CT)
EntryWindow: Made bearing info wider on resize. (Coded by K3CT)
Fix Multiplier window display of countries - WRTC competitors only. (coded by N2IC)
RRTC(T) contest: contest name in the Cabrillo changed, added warning message for RRTCT if incorrect category is selected (UA9QCQ).(Coded by NA3M)

Version 13.07.01 (Started Jul 09, 2013) -- Download
ME QSO Party: Added the new ME QSO party. Please test and report any issues.(KB1HNZ)(coded by K3CT)
ARRL June VHF: Corrected a microwave scoring error.(NN3Q)(coded by K3CT)
Rover Operation: If the user enters a six character grid square at the ROVERQTH prompt, output a warning not to mix four and six character grid squares during the contest.(NN3Q)(coded by K3CT)
Transceiver Timeout: Changed the minimum timeout time to 14 seconds for new installs.(coded by K3CT)
Reverse Callsign Lookup Bug: Fixed a bug added in version 13.7.0 that would produce an error if a combination of partial Exchange and partial Callsign text occurred in a specific order.(coded by K3CT)
Reverse Callsign Lookup Changes:
- Processing performance improvements.(coded by K3CT, N1MM)
- Added two Check window reverse callsign lookup options (Entry Threshold, Search without leading wildcard). Searching without a leading wildcard will produce a shorter results list and is faster. Users can enter a leading * (wildcard) in the exchange and callsign box when needed. With the performance improvements in this release, threshold = 1 should be acceptable.(coded by K3CT)
- Single clicking on a reverse callsign lookup callsign populates the call and exchange.(coded by K3CT)
- Display a maximum of 100 reverse callsign lookup callsigns in the Check window and a text message when the listing is limited. The calls and exchanges from the log are displayed first.(coded by K3CT)
- Move reverse callsign lookup text to the end of the Check window display.(coded by K3CT)
- When resizing the Check window, redisplay with the reverse callsign text if enabled.(coded by K3CT)
- If the new reverse callsign lookup feature is not enabled for the selected contest, the Check window right click options will be grayed out.
Note for the IARU and WARC contests: An experimental version will be posted that enables the new reverse callsign lookup features for any contest that uses Section textbox and Sect call history database field.

Version 13.07.00 (Started Jul 02, 2013) -- Download
For SO2R CW, send keyboard CW on correct COM or LPT port. (NW2K) (coded by N2IC)
New Program Feature: Improvement to the reverse lookup feature introduced by Nick, NA3M for several contests. When a QSO exchange is entered and call history lookup is enabled, display the log and call history matches with the exchange in the Check window. A partial callsign and/or exchange can be entered, wild cards are not needed. Enabled for QSO Parties, grid square contests, plus others. The Check window contains a right click option to enable and disable this feature. The default is enabled and the user selection is saved in the *ini file. If this feature is not supported for a contest, the Check window enable option will be grayed out when call history is enabled. (coded by K3CT & N1MM)
Removed Keystroke: Disabled the ALT+= keystroke. Replaced by the new feature above. (coded by K3CT)
Database: Add database indexes for all call history fields to improve the performance. (N1MM)(coded by K3CT)
ADIF: Changed the exported contest_id for Field Day to match the specification. (KX4O)(coded by K3CT)
Network-Computer Mode: Improve the resync messages to include the time period. (coded by K3CT)
Network-Computer Mode: Display an Info window status message and add an entry in the ErrorLog.txt file when the program can not set the time from the master station 0. This occurs when the program does not have administrator privileges. (coded by K3CT)
Program Error: Eliminate program errors when the user specified function key or call history file path is invalid. (coded by K3CT)
NRAU10M contest, minor code correction, no change in the functionality. (coded by NA3M)
RAC Canada Day contest - start and end times were off by two days (VE3FH). (coded by NA3M)
Digital - Corrects RT Error when using CTRL-K with External TU's (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Correctly turns Pause Off when moving the mouse outside RX windows (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds On/Off setting for RX Window Pause, Defaults to Off, Located on Setting menu (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 13.06.02 (Started Jun 25, 2013) -- Download
Corrected country files url (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Digital - Corrects 424 Error when using TNC and accessing comm port. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects SO2R error when pressing the TX button on DI2 as DI1 was transmitting. (Coded by N2AMG)
Corrects Missing Default value errors due to Default Settings not being Updated. (Coded by N2AMG)
NRAU10M contest - multipliers (GridSquare) should be reset every hour (LA6FGA). (Coded by NA3M)

Version 13.06.01 (Started Jun 18, 2013) -- Download
WRTC competitors only - Disable use of LP1H database.
UKSMG contest - APP_N1MM_DXCC field added to the ADIF export. (G8FXM) (coded by NA3M)
UDC - added new parameters for MultSQLStringX (MultSQLStringX = CQZONE/IARUZONE). (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M)
Digital - Adds internal RX windows to each DI interface (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Changes menu for Add. RX windows in each DI (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Changesto the the pausing of text in the rx window and selecting text as described below (Coded by N2AMG)
When moving mouse in RX window and the mouse moves over a valid call printing in RX window will be paused. It will become unfrozen by
either A. Moving the mouse off from the valid call or B. Clicking on the Valid call.
If there is a call in Entry Window then Pause will not happen.
Selecting of text has changed. To select text, Left button down and select text as in normal windows operations.
The RX window will pause with the mouse down.
When mouse button is released after the user selects the text it will be copied to the clipboard and the window will become un-paused.
Clicking the pause strip will pause the window until the strip is clicked again or the user gives a right click in the RX window.
With a scrollbar present when moving the scrollbar will pause text in the RX window until
A. Text is selected with the left mouse and the button is released
B. The Pause strip is clicked.
C. User gives a right click in the RX window.

Version 13.06.00 (Started Jun 04, 2013) -- Download
UDC: parameter QsoErrorString now has two new values - Numeric_not_Empty and Any_not_Empty (see updated Help.txt). (coded by NA3M)

Version 13.05.03 (Started May 28, 2013) -- Download
Change behavior of dueling CQ after a QSO has been completed. The next CQ will start on the other radio. (SM6FUD) (coded by N2IC)
Improved message about correcting mswinsck.ocx 10014 error. (AB7R) (Coded by N1MM)
CAT ASC Macro: If the function key contains "ASC KY" and the mode is CW added the following functionality. When the callsign box contains text, convert # to the current serial number and ! to the callsign. When the callsign box is empty, convert # to the last serial number and remove !. Remove the Entrywindow status error message when sending CW with CAT Macro commands. (BG6JJI) (coded by K3CT)
Contest Summary Output: Add the QSO Party name to the Summary output. (K0RC)(coded by K3CT)
ALT+F10: When using ALT+F10 to exchange VFO frequency update the unselected VFO frequency in SO1V and SO2R modes to work around the Icom radio control limitation of not being able to detect the unselected VFO frequency. (coded by K3CT)

Version 13.05.02 (Started May 21, 2013) -- Download
Digital - Corrects path issue when using {FILE:} macro.
UDC: If QsoErrorString = GRID grid square entry is required now. (coded by NA3M)
New version of Cty-CQM.dat (Coded by NA3M)
SO2R CW text echo would stop working (LZ2BE) (Coded by N1MM)

Version 13.05.01 (Started May 14, 2013) -- Download
VoltaRTTY: Contest start and stop time computed incorrectly, was 24 hours earlier than actual. Caused the Off Time report to be wrong and is likely the cause of the reported goals error with this contest. (VE3FH)(coded by K3CT)
7QP & IL QSO Party: On rescore, not counting the number of DX QSO's correctly. Counted KL7 as a DX contact. (W7GKF) (coded by K3CT)
7QP QSO Party: When use by an out-of-state user the dupes were not displayed in the Entry window correctly. (N3RD) (coded by K3CT)
QSO Party In-State: When the cursor leaves the callsign box, populate the HI & AK exchanges from the country prefix for all QSO Parties except MARAC if the exchange box is blank. For HI populate AK only. For PA populate AK, PAC, PR, and VI. (coded by K3CT)
Multiplier Window: Runtime error when displaying the grid map and the log contained a QSO without a grid square entry. (N8RA)(coded by K3CT)
Spot Processing: Minor efficiency improvement in spot processing by reusing a routine added in the version 13.03.00 improvements. (coded by K3CT)

Version 13.05.00 (Started May 07, 2013) -- Download
Added message box prior to throwing error 2000 on database initialization error. Message box suggests to repair database with JetComp.exe. JetComp.exe can be found in the install directory. (W6AQ) (Coded by N1MM)
Macros: Allow {ROVERQTH} and/or {COUNTYLINE} macros in the function key name and function key message. Ignore the macro if the program is not in the rover or county line mode. (K9DUR)(coded by K3CT)
County Line: For IN, 7QP, NEWE, and IN7QPNE accept the 7QP shorthand and the NEWE abbreviations in received county line exchanges. The NEWE county three character abbreviations that are identical to the IN QSO party county abbreviations will be counted as IN QP QSO's. (coded by K3CT)
County Line: Changed the QSO note for the county line contacts to the exchange entered by the user. (coded by K3CT)
TS-990: Additional improvements to the TS-990 radio control. Thanks to SP9MZH for testing code. (coded by K3CT)
IN7QPNE QSO Party: Startup message worded incorrectly for the following states: CO, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, and SD. (K0RC)(coded by K3CT)
County Line Exchanges: Do not execute the FORCE macro when logging county line stations. (coded by K3CT)
GCUP: new zone is not counted as Multiplier if pre-filled zone value was changed in the Entry window (IK0HBN). (coded by NA3M)
UDC feature: new parameter " MiscIsNumber " added, see Help.txt for details (G4OGB). (coded by NA3M)
NRAU10M: reset dupes automatically every hour (LA6FJA). (coded by NA3M)

Version 13.04.05 (Started Apr 30, 2013) -- Download
Changed 3830 link to (S56A) (Coded by N1MM)
Logging Error: Add callsign and timestamp to the ErrorLog.txt file when a database primary key error is detected.(coded by K3CT)
County Line: Improve the error handling when logging an invalid callsign and do not log any QSO's.(coded by K3CT)
Radio: Delay the radio timeout period when the RoverQTH or County Line window is open for user input.(coded by K3CT)
Fixed Cabrillo confirmation message for Cabrillo 2.0. (NJ4F, KS0M) (coded by N2IC)

Version 13.04.04 (Started Apr 23, 2013) -- Download
County Line: Prevent users from entering multiple county abbreviations in the Station Data window Rover QTH box. At the COUNTYLINE prompt entry, allow users to enter the counties with a comma or "/" separator. (coded by K3CT)
UDC feature: added protection from incorrect settings of GenericPrintString parameter (WC7S). (coded by NA3M)
Correction to oblast.sec file: added 6T - ST, 7T - ST (RM6F). (coded by NA3M)
RFCHAMP contest: multiple bug fixes (many). (coded by NA3M)
Randomization of spots was not persistent (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Fixed bug in setting of dupe color for calls ending in a number. (Coded by N1MM)

Version 13.04.03 (Started Apr 16, 2013) -- Download
QSO Party County Line: In 7QP/NEWE/IN, allow logging of county line stations participating in the other two QSO parties. Corrected a scoring error when logging county line stations. An existing limitation of county line logging is that the same callsign can not be logged again on any band or mode until the computer clock advances beyond the time stamp of the last logged QSO. Tnx to WC7S for testing 7QP. (coded by K3CT)
Radio Control: Added TS-990 additional changes pending. (W7ZR)(coded by K3CT)
Developers Note: Eliminated redundant call to IsDuplicate() as characters are entered. Modification to UpdateContactInfoOn(). This may correct reports of not logging TX frequency correctly when the radio is in split. (coded by K3CT)
GCUP (Gagarin Cup) - problem with every UN/UP station counted as multiplier fixed, quit using Comments field so user Ctrl+N note will not be overwritten (coded by NA3M)

Version 13.04.02 (Started Apr 11, 2013) -- Download
YUDX contest, updated according to new rules (YU0W). (Coded by NA3M)
When creating Cabrillo file, require positive verification that the user understands the category they have chosen. (coded by N2IC)
Added a Telnet Window option to "Add small random offsets to incoming CW spots". This will add or subtract 30 or 60 Hz randomly to incoming cw spots to help spread out pileups for the running stations that you call. THE DEFAULT IS ON. You can turn it off permanently by toggling the option. (Coded by N1MM)
Changed error message for errors that occur while writing QSOs to the database. Put in text specific to ADIF import to improve user understanding of the error. (Coded by N1MM)
ADIF Import: Missing the networked computer number tag.(9A3OS)(coded by K3CT)
ADIF Import Error: Correct the error logging and improve the user message displayed when a user imports duplicate QSO's into a database. (coded by N1MM & K3CT)
QSO Party: A significant portion of the QSO Party code has changed for all QP's. The overall QSO Party operation needs testing well in advance of every contest for the next year. Report any issues found. (coded by K3CT)
-- County Line Home Operator: Added optional county line exchange entry for county line QSO's. Users can enter multiple county line exchanges separated with "/" in the Exchange box. The first county entered is used for validation and to set the text color (multiplier indicator). When the QSO is logged, multiple QSO's will be added to the database with the same received serial number. If the contest exchanges serial number and the sending station sends unique serial numbers for each county line QSO, enter as separate QSO's or quick edit the exchange after logging. The shorthand exchange entry for 7QP is supported for the 7QP QSO party contest only. Shorthand support for the other contests this weekend will be added as time permits.
-- County Line Operator: A county line program mode has been added for the Mobile, Expedition, or Rover operator. To enable, set the contest category to one of these categories, enter COUNTYLINE in the callsign box, and enter county line abbreviations at the prompt. Once in county line mode, every logged QSO is expanded into a QSO entry for each county. If the QP exchanges serial numbers, the county line operator will be prompted for optional incrementing of the sent and received serial numbers. The incrementing serial numbers use the reservation system so be aware that they may be out of order when operating SO2V, SO2R, or multi-multi. It is the operators responsibility to transmit and log the correct sent/received serial numbers. The new {COUNTYLINE} macro sends the county line string with "/" separators. Custom exchanges need to be hard coded in the function key. Program restart or contest switch cancels county line mode. The Entry window title changes to display county line mode with the counties. County line stations can log another county line station with the home operator entry explained above. This means that X * Y QSO's will be added to the database with a single QSO entry. A note is added to the QSO comment for every contact logged in county line mode.
GCUP contest, the list of special stations updated, 5 minute rule for Multi-One category implemented (VE9BK). (Coded by NA3M)

Version 13.04.00 (Started Apr 02, 2013) -- Download
LZOPEN, LZDOMESTIC, LZFIELD60: Caching of IsWorkable was causing stations not to be reworkable per contest rules (LZ2BE) (Coded by K3CT, N1MM)
NM QSO Party: Rules change to bonus points.(N5ZGT)(coded by K3CT)
Digital - Corrects issue in SO2R when transmitting on EW A and Clicking on BM2 callsign would move focus and transmit to EW2 leaving EW1 in transmit. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Changes text on Digital setup macro page to reference Messages instead of Macro's. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When contest uses time routines clears time variables when callsign is changed. (Coded by N2AMG) UDC feature - all UDC using QsoErrorString =Numeric, Any or Grid might not work correctly. (G4OGB) (Coded by NA3M)

Version 13.03.03 (Started Mar 26, 2013) -- Download
Networked-Computers: Allow "Edit Contact" to change contacts originally made by other networked-computers if that networked-computer is accessible on the network. (K5GO) (coded by N2IC)
SSB Function Key: When multiple wav files are programmed in a function key, only the first file is played. (N4ZR) (coded by K3CT)
Info Window: corrected mouse behavior for rate textboxes (Coded by N1MM)
Bandmap: added the ability to find a particular callsign in the bandmap. Searches from current frequency up to find each instance. If you right-click on a call in the bandmap, it will search for that call on the next higher band. If you right click elsewhere it prompts for the callsign. Useful for finding a friend or a multi-multi you want to work on another band. (Coded by N1MM)

Version 13.03.02 (Started Mar 19, 2013) -- Download
Orion: Change polling rate to eliminate window jitter (N8RA) (Coded by N1MM)
Available Window: Fix a bug with focus of mouse click when cursor has not moved within the mult pane. (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
The bandmap on other networked stations would show run station's spots of worked calls if their radio was not tuned to the run frequency. (Coded by N1MM)
Available: count Qs and mults for only mode(s) displayed in window. (many) (Coded by N1MM)
Detect bad version of MSWINSCK.OCX (Coded by N1MM)
Added additional error handling to parallel port initialization (Coded by N1MM)
OK QSO Party: Rules changes. DX countries are mults, Cabrillo 3.0 to support Mobile Unlimited, CW and digital are a combined mode. Bonus points not implemented. (AD0DX)(coded by K3CT)
ND QSO Party: Rules change, added digital mode. (codec by K3CT)
NE QSO Party: Rules change, one county abbreviation changed, different VE multipliers. The 10 county mobile bonus rule is not supported. (coded by K3CT)
CW Window: If MyCall key is pressed (F4) when the CW Window is open the program does not send the CW message. (WX3B)(coded by K3CT)
K2 SO2R: The K2 mode interfered with the other radio mode. (KG3V)(coded by K3CT)
NRAU10M, same band/different mode QSO's are allowed (LA6FJA). (Coded by NA3M)
RUSSIANDX (and other contest using oblast.sec file), incorrect oblast detection and pre-fill for some new callsigns like RM2U, RT5G RM2U. (Coded by NA3M)
RUSSIANDX, MO2T (Multi-Two) category, TX on same band/different mode is not allowed by contest rules (9A3OS). (Coded by N2IC)
RUSSIANDX, problem with Cabrillo for Multi-Two - missing run station indicator (9A3OS). (Coded by N2IC)

Version 13.03.01 (Started Mar 11, 2013) -- Download
Add new rotor types: Prosistel D, RC2800PX. (G3YYD, KZ1X) (coded by N2IC)
Added non-sticky option to not show the tool tips in the Available window when hovering over a call. Default is current operation (tool tips are displayed). (coded by N2IC)
RUSSIANDX: Serial numbers by band for Multi-One category (RDXC rules allow this). (9A3OS) (coded by NA3M)
RUSSIANDX: Bug fix for multiplier color when oblast ID is different from what is suggested by the program. (9A3OS) (coded by NA3M)
RUSSIANDX, RUSDXRTTY, RUSDXPSK, KPC: switched from Cabrillo 2.0 to 3.0. Please pay attention to setting correct category for these contests. (coded by NA3M)
Digital - Corrects issue with clearing rx window and text beginning at bottom of screen. (Coded by N2AMG)
RSGBBERU: Don't display band change timer for Multi-One/Two operation. (VE9BK)(coded by K3CT)
Startup Error 48: Changed the user message for Error 48 and added an entry in the ErrorLog.txt file.(coded by K3CT)

Version 13.03.00 (Started Mar 03, 2013) -- Download
Ignore "U" message from Orion rotor. (KZ1X) (coded by N2IC)
Fixed error -91 when no rotor is selected. (G3YYD) (coded by N2IC)
Fix "non-modal window" error message when configuring rotor. (G3YYD) (coded by N2IC)
Check for some required files at program startup. (coded by N2IC)
FT-1000MP: Display a message when the radio is not in VFO mode. (W4FT)(coded by K3CT)
New Install: Eliminate the one time *ini file not found message. (coded by K3CT)
ARRL DX: Search the telnet spot for the spotted station's state to determine if it's a multiplier. The state addition is enabled on DXSpider nodes with set/usstate (PC5A)(coded by K3CT & N1MM)
Spot Processing: Efficiency improvements. (coded by K3CT)
CLARA contest: points changes for the Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio contest. (VE9GLF) (Coded by NA3M)
Improvements to error messages during startup (Coded by N1MM)
Removed debugging message from status bar (K9CT) (Coded by N1MM)
CQ-Frequency was displaying in gray instead of black (AA5AU) (Coded by N1MM)
Digital - Adds ability to set Background color, Text color and Highlight channel color of RX Text window in MMVARI multiRX window. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds ability to save RX windows open state on shutdown and open them back open on startup. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects RT Error when closing digital windows when having 2 DI's open and Output text to file turned on. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects layout of Digital Call Stacking menu so both windows are the same. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When MMTTY.ini is not found loads default dummy settings for AFC state, Net state, and Reverse state so no error's are generated. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 13.02.05 (Started Feb 26, 2013) -- Download
Fix cosmetic problem with Winkey Lite info appearing on all configurer tabs (many) (coded by N1MM)

Version 13.02.04 (Started Feb 26, 2013) -- Download
Removed incorrect 2nd element from the Contact broadcast (PC5M) (Coded by N1MM)
Added diagnostic info to Program_Initialize to aid in debugging. (OL5Y) (Coded by N1MM)
Added diagnostic info added to Rotor form initialization. (OL5Y) (Coded by N1MM)
Added diagnostic info to log for SaveSpotinDatabase (K1RX) (Coded by N1MM)
Rotor: Fixed build error (N2IC) (Coded by N1MM)
Prevent deleting of DELETEDQS contest (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Entry Window: added Alt-N hotkey for Window menu selection (G4XBF) (Coded by N1MM)
ADIF Import: Added "Duplicates are caused by duplicate timestamp and call." to the warning message for import errors (N5RB) (Coded by N1MM)
Added Alt-Ctl-D to delete a spot in the callframe and blacklist it. It does not turn blacklisting on. You must do that separately (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
SSB Wave Files: When a SSB file can't be found, add debug information to the end of the ErrorLog.txt file located in the program directory. Users should use this information to help understand setup errors. (coded by K3CT)
Open UKRAINE RTTY Championship contest ("UKRRTTYOPN"): time periods were changed according to new rules. (RG9A) (coded by NA3M)
N1MM Rotor: Do not report small heading changes (+- 2 degrees) to main program. (N5DX) (coded by N2IC)
N1MM Rotor: Do not automatically populate Description field in Setup window. (KZ1X) (coded by N2IC)
Removed rotor status line updates in Entry Window. Users should use rotor windows to display rotor direction. (N5DX) (coded by N2IC)
Change rotor window to allow description to fit in caption. (N5DX) (coded by N2IC)
Added support for WKUSB Lite. WKUSB Lite is automatically detected and configured when Winkey is selected. (WA4PSC) (coded by N2IC)
Digital - Corrects RX window mult coloring. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds setting to Digital setup window to turn on or off calls from the RX windows entering the DI's grab window (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects Run Time Error when double clicking on Calls in the main RX windows. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects text from filling DI window when the scrollbar is moved. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 13.02.03 (Started Feb 19, 2013) -- Download
Disable "Spot all S&P QSOs" for configurations without computer control on one or more radios (Coded by N1MM)
Added VE7CC & AR Cluster Help to Packet right-click menu. Other major telnet client help pages tbd. (Coded by N1MM)
Bandmap: Attempting to delete a spot by right-clicking on a spot would fail if the radio was higher in frequency than the spot (many) (Coded by N1MM)
QCWA QSO Party: Major changes for the 2013 rules. Please test and report any problems. (W2OD)(Coded by K3CT)
PACC Contest & all QSO Party: The multi-two Cabrillo output, transmitter number, was incorrect. It is now 0 / 1. (PA2TA)(Coded by K3CT)

Version 13.02.02 (Started Feb 14, 2013) -- Download
Available: Added mult status (yes/no) as a sortable column (N2WQ) (Coded by N1MM)
SO1V Bug: Removed the Available window left-click band button SO1V change made in version 13.02.00. On radios with SUB receivers, the SUB receiver was always enabled.(W1RM)(coded by K3CT)
Kenwood SO2V Bug: Reversed a change made in version 13.01.02 to address setting of split spots from VFOB Bandmap. Will revisit this later.(coded by K3CT)

Version 13.02.01 (Started Feb 12, 2013) -- Download
CQ WPX: Fix QSO Numbers by band determination. Was broken by Cabrillo 3.0 upgrade. (NR4M) (Coded by N1MM, K3CT)
Make CQ Frequency black rather than gray. (AA5AU) (Coded by N1MM)
Windows Timer/Counter Roll-Over: During program start, detect Windows timer/counter rollover and force users to reboot the PC. This is the cause of some program start and operational issues. This roll-over occurs when a PC is not rebooted for 25 days. Users that reboot their PC more often, never experienced this problem. (coded by K3CT)
Undetectable Changes: Scanned the project for other contests that could be susceptible to the Cabrillo 3.0 change causing multi-user serial number issue. (coded by K3CT)
Merge Error: Corrected a code merging error that omitted new error file logging. This had no operational impact on the previous version. (coded by K3CT)
Fix rotor position reporting. (K1KP) (coded by N2IC)
Digital - Double clicking on a call when call stacking is enabled will place that call into the entry window bypassing the call stack routine. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects crash that was happening when closing DI1 when using MMVARI. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When using MMVARI pressing a function key would place focus in DI tx window now keeps focus in Entry Window. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects an error in the way calls were placed on the bandmap when stacked. (Coded by N2AMG)
"MiniTestCW", "JTDX", "JTDXRTTY" contests: Corrected a long (> 8 chars) callsign bug (RZ3AZ). (coded by NA3M)

Version 13.02.00 (Started Feb 02, 2013) -- Download
The default real-time score reporting URL is now This can be changed by users using the Setup button in the real-time score reporting application. The real-time score reporting default UDP port has been changed to 12050. This should not effect any user operation. (coded by N2IC)
New rotor capabilities have been added. The current position of configured rotators can now be viewed from the main N1MM Logger program. This capability is configured using the "Display Rotors Used By This Station" and "Display Rotors Responding From Network" check boxes in the Configure Ports->Antennas tab. More information on how to configure and use this feature is in the manual. (coded by N2IC)
Rotor: Removed ability to stop M2 Orion rotor. Stop button will do nothing. (Coded by N1MM)
Remove erroneous GetMyNetworkedNumber error message. (coded by N2IC)
Added to Stop Rotor XML. (EA4TX) (coded by N2IC)
K3/KX3: Changes in the way PSK-D mode is handled given the radio firmware limitation. The digital SUB DATA sub-mode can not be determined when the two VFO's are on different bands. (VE3KI)(coded by K3CT)
CQ160 & LOTW Contests: Reduce the occasional callsign entry delay on slower computers with large databases. Added ErrorLog.txt logging to detect this if reported in other contests.(AA1K)(Coded by K3CT)
SO1V: Enabled the Entrywindow /#### frequency entry for SO1V users. Also, in SO1V mode, when left clicking on the Available window Band Button, program VFOB to the same band. Icom radios do not send both VFO frequencies to the program and owners need a way to program VFOB from the program other than clicking on a split spot. (K8UT)(Coded by K3CT)
Orion: Corrected an SO2R audio switching macro error. {InActiveAudioOn} did not return the AF level to the previous setting.(N0AC)(Coded by N1MM)

Version 13.01.03 (Started Jan 29, 2013) -- Download
CQ160: Fixed "Invalid state" problem. (N1EN+others) (coded by N2IC)
7QP: Changed to Cabrillo 3.0 to accommodate some of the new Category additions. (Coded by K3CT)
Digital - Corrects issue where when using AFC/On-Off with CQ. AFC would turn off and not come back on if using lowercase macro's. (Coded by N2AMG)
Non-visible changes to rotor and radio code (Coded by N2IC & K3CT)

Version 13.01.02 (Started Jan 23, 2013) -- Download
Available Window: spot counts would not clear if there were no spots on a band (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
NRAUCW, NRAUSSB contests: Sent Exchange corrected for Cabrillo and Generic files. (LA9TY) (Coded by NA3M)
SARTG HNY (SartgNYRTY) contest: SA, SK and other newer prefixes were not counted as multipliers. Note: not all possible Scandinavian prefixes are shown in Multipliers window. (DK7UM) (Coded by NA3M)
Available Window: Fixed a bug introduced in 13.01.01 that counted VHF spots in HF contests. (Coded by N1MM)
Kenwood radios: In SO2V mode, clicking on a split spot for VFOB did not program the radio correctly. This has been corrected for all Kenwood radio selections.(N1MM)(Coded by K3CT)
Kenwood Radio: Decreased the command pacing time by half to configure the radio faster. This timing change has been applied to all Kenwood radio selections except for Kenwood-Slow and TS-590.(Coded by K3CT)
Changed contact xml to emit timestamp that is not location dependent. Example: 2013-01-22 04:05:22 (K3IT) (Coded by N1MM)
Rotor: Display the current rotor positions in the main program for the current band(s) for all rotors used by those bands. (Coded by N2IC)

Version 13.01.01 (Started Jan 16, 2013) -- Download
** Experimental **
Speeded up FindSpotAtFrequency, used to place spots in callframe (Coded by N1MM)
Added capability to play back files recorded by K3IT's qsorder.exe. (Coded by N1MM)
Speeded up finding of Qs and mults via ctl-up/down and alt-ctl up/down (Coded by N1MM)
Available window: Speeded up processing of counting mults and Qs. Numbers will update band-by-band instead of all at once. (Coded by N1MM)
Accomodate skimmer RTTY spots by determining mode correctly (K1TTT) (Coded by N1MM)
NRAUCW, NRAUSSB contests: extra 001 in every Cabrillo and Generic file QSO record. (LA9TY)(Coded by NA3M)
K3 & K3X Radio Control: Reduced the command pacing time. (Coded by K3CT)
Icom Radio Control: Changes in the Icom command handler to reduce the time it takes for Set commands to reach the radio. This reduces the time it takes to switch TX focus in SO2V mode and control the radio codec (some models). All non-polling radio operations will be faster as a result of this change. A portion of the command acceleration is disabled when the radio baud rate is less than 9600 baud. 19200 baud is recommended if supported by the radio. (Coded by K3CT)

Version 13.01.00 (Started Jan 09, 2013) -- Download
Fixed peformance problem in Entry Window most obvious at maximum spot levels with the radio on 10 meters (N3RS) (Coded by N1MM)
Restrict the use of < > and & in rotor description. (Coded by N2IC)
Made "Clear automatically populated exchange on callsign change" the default for new users and those who create new ini files (Coded by K3CT)
Added "automatically" to configurer description for above (Coded by N1MM)
Add new .ini file field RotorReportingIP allowing 1 or more comma separated IP addresses for reporting current rotor position. If not specified, default is (Coded by N2IC)
Digital - When using scrollbar in RX window turns pause on. Disable by clicking yellow left strip or left clicking in RX window (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When starting MMTTY with Reverse on decoding would not decode correct until reverse was turned off and back on. This is now corrected. (Coded by N2AMG)
HI QSO Party: Rules changes for 2013. (AH0A) (Coded by K3CT)
K2 Radio Control: Correct SO2V startup VFOB mode issue. During polling, VFOA & VFOB mode are always the same.(K3UU) (Coded by K3CT)
K3 & K3X Radio Control: Validate the VFO frequency data received from the radio to eliminate errors caused by invalid radio data. (Coded by K3CT)
Do not allow < > and & characters in a rotor description (PC5M) (coded by N2IC).
Enhancements to External Broadcasts (coded by N2IC):
Each type of External Broadcast can now be sent to multiple, different IP addresses and multiple, different port numbers. New fields in N1MM Logger.ini:

The format is:
BroadcastXXXAddr=IPAddr1:port1 IPAddr2:port2 ...


If a new field is not found in N1MM Logger.ini, the behavior remains unchanged, using the existing fields:

Version 12.12.04 (Started Jan 01, 2013) -- Download
Selected program timers converted to use the new N1MMLoggerTimer dll. Win7/8 users that use internal CW with COM port keying may notice greater number of spots in the spot table and less spot trimming due to CPU loading. Please test and report any issues. (Coded by N1MM Team)
Available Window: Clicking on the band buttons without an interfaced radio produced an error. Introduced with the KX3 changes. (VE7BGP)(Coded by K3CT)
Ctrl+U: In some contests CTRL+U incremented the serial number and other exchanges. (DK2ZO)(Coded by K3CT)
Radio Timeout: If a user closed the program with the radio timeout window open, a runtime error was generated. (NA3M)(Coded by K3CT)
Corrects issue with enumerating Com Ports in the RX Windows when using a TNC. Com port 1 was always in use. (Coded by N2AMG)
Fixed standalone N1MM Rotor not working in 12.12.2 (SM0RCL) (coded by N2IC).
Fixed minor SO2R problem when grabbing cluster spot and focus ending up on the wrong radio (coded by N2IC)
(More infrastructure changes to support future rotor and UDP changes)
Correct 160 counts in Available Window (W1RM) (Coded by N1MM)
Fixed UDP broadcasts to ports other than 12060 (NA0N, PC5M) (coded by N2IC).
MCC QSO Party: Changed the contest stop time. (Coded by K3CT)

Version 12.12.02 (Started Dic 18, 2012) -- Download
LOG Macro: Operational issue when only the {LOG} is placed in a function key.(K8ESQ)(Coded by K3CT)
KY QSO Party: QSO Party combines RTTY and PSK into one digital mode.(Coded by K3CT)
New File: N1MMLoggerTimer.dll, used in this version for timing the repeating CQ. (Coded by the development team)
Digital - Adds Dxp38 to Preferred RTTY selection in Digital setup. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Reworks initializing and Hard Rest code for Dxp-38 (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds escape mechanism when Dxp38 Loads in Test Mode (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When using a TNC or Dxp38 allows Fldigi to be selected as an interface from the Interface menu. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - A few other misc.changes to code used when using the Dxp-38 (Coded by N2AMG)
Change in the rotator control UDP message (coded by N2IC)
Don't exit the program if DXKeeper is running with the same db name as N1MM Logger (Coded by N1MM)

Version 12.12.01 (Started Dic 11, 2012) -- Download
Added buttons to associated files tab and function key editor to open sample function key files page on web site. (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Trap bug in deleting contest instance rows (Coded by N1MM)
Eliminate blank lines in contest list (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Show message box when note exceeds 60 characters (W9WI) (Coded by N1MM)
Do not update score when editing note (W9WI) (Coded by N1MM)
Prevent score summary from being broadcast 2x per contact logged. (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Efficiency improvement in FindSect function (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Forced all web address lookups to hamdocs for resolution (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
SO2V/SO1V: Exchange the operation of the stereo key (`) and toggle Dual RX (ALT+F12) making it less confusing to operators that find Dual RX Always On checked when the stereo key is pressed by mistake. (K1TTT)(Coded by K3CT)
Export To File (Generic): When the program is in Networked Computer Mode, add an Operator column for the export. (GW0ETF)(Coded by K3CT)
RunTime Error: Eliminate a runtime errors that occur when opening a database that is missing the contest instance table with File, numbered list. (Coded by K3CT)
Open Contest Dialog: When opening the contest dialog window, display one contest above the current contest to provide a visual indication that this isn't the first contest in the list. (Coded by K3CT)
Contest - Corrects Cabrillo Output for EPC PSK63 (Coded by N2AMG)
Contest - Formats sent EPC number to 8 characters if not already 8 characters long in Cabrillo output for EPC PSK63 QP. (Coded by N2AMG)
Contest - Corrects Cabrillo Mode output for EPC PSK63 QP. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When saving QTC in WAE RTTY No longer blocks saving QTC with Red Highlights. Just uses Red highlight as a warning that data could be wrong. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Correts issue when using large fonts of all the macro buttons not showing on the DI. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Implements the use of the LP1H callsign database by LU5DX for call sign validity checking. (Coded by N2AMG)
If database is found in the N1MM folder it will use it when doing validity checks.
This databse can be found on the N1MM website on the Files tab.Unzip file to the N1MM directory.
The database is updated 5 times a year and contains approximately 1.7 million call signs.
There is no detected slowness from using the database.

Version 12.12.00 (Started Dic 04, 2012) -- Download
Orion: Available window band buttons would not change mode and filter (Coded by N1MM)
Orion: mode change on main rx was setting sub filter. (Coded by N1MM)
Radio Support: Added KX3 and FTDX3000 radios. Please report any issues. Tnx to W0EM for FTDX3000 testing. (Coded by K3CT)
AG CW Contest: Changed the rules URL for New Year's contest. (Coded by K3CT)
ARRL 160m, ARRL FD, PA QSO Party: Don't populate VE "ON" automatically when the cursor leaves the callsign box. (Coded by K3CT)
Cabrillo Output: Changed the following CQ contests to Cabrillo 3.0 CQ160 CW/SSB, CQWW RTTY/CW/SSB, and CQWW RTTY/CW/SSB. (Coded by K3CT)
CQWW RTTY: Don't populate HI or AK from call history state field. (N4ZR)(Coded by K3CT)
QCWA QSO Party: Change in the multiplier calculations. (Coded by K3CT)
Log Selection: Do not display the MS or M2 prompt multiple times on window exit. (Coded by K3CT)
Scores Data: Added a new XML field to send QSO points and Total QSO points by band. Not included if exclude band breakdown is checked. (S51FB) (Coded by K3CT)

Version 12.11.02 (Started Nov 27, 2012) -- Download
Made the Multi-1 & Multi-2 Run/mult selection boxes modal to the Entry window to prevent users from losing them (Coded by N1MM)
Available: Avoid scrolling to the top of the mult list when spots are trimmed (K5LLA) (Coded by N1MM)
Forced restart of rotor program instead of cascading 10054 messages. This problem occurs the when main program exits and rotor program stays running. (Coded by N1MM)
Spotting the last contact with a comment was putting the wrong frequency on the title bar of the comment inputbox. (N2CU) (Coded by N1MM)
Entry Window: Added Rotor to the Windows menu (Coded by N1MM)
Included the JetComp repair program (jetcomp.exe) (Coded by N1MM)

Version 12.11.01 (Started Nov 13, 2012) -- Download
UDC feature, new parameter added - /DoNotCountMultOnlyFor/. New options for /PointsPerContact/ added - "Misc, *", 6cm and 3cm bands. New options for /IsWorkable/ - NAonly, SAonly, EUonly, ASIAonly, AFonly, OConly (see updated Help.txt). (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M)
Digital - Remove BCC Check from call validity routine in Digital modes. (Coded by N2AMG)
Entry Window Status Line: When using the keyboard keys to navigate the Bandmap, clear the No More Spots status message when the user changes search direction. (VE6LB)(Coded by K3CT)
OK QSO Party: VE multiplier rules changes.(Coded by K3CT)
KY QSO Party: VE multiplier and digital QSO points rules changes.(AA4RL)(Coded by K3CT)
Telnet Spots: Correct an error when populating incoming spots with call history Sect field. This bug did not affect the ARRL SS spots.(Coded by K3CT)

Version 12.11.00 (Started Nov 06, 2012) -- Download
SS: All VE3 calls were showing as mults (many) (Coded by N1MM)
Available: 10 meter mults were not being counted (W1RM) (Coded by N1MM)
Edit Function Key: The Function Key editor does not open when the program is in FM mode. (ON6AT) (Coded by K3CT)
Program Start: Eliminate the startup error when a QSO party log/database listed in the File, numbered list is not found. (Coded by K3CT)
DVK: Send the DVK stop command to the radio DVK when Esc is pressed for these radios: TS-590, FT450, FT950, FT2000, FT5000, and FT9000. This code already exists for the K3. (Coded by K3CT)
UKRAINDX & UKRAINRTTY: Enable a 10 minute Info window band timer for single operator. (PA3ARM) (Coded by K3CT)
ARRL SS: Populate the exchange from the log when space is pressed so the non-workable contact can be spotted with the section. (K0RC) (Coded by K3CT)
Error Message: Eliminate an error when a file is exported to a different drive followed by loading a contest. (Coded by K3CT)
SO2V: Add SO2V feature set to the FT-2000, FTDX5000, and FTDX9000 radio support. (W3EA) (Coded by K3CT)

Version 12.10.03 (Started Oct 23, 2012) -- Download
UDC feature: corrected ADIF for MinitestCW and some UDC contests (LY4K) (Coded by NA3M)
UDC feature: corrected problem with DoNotCountMeAsMult (OM4TQ). (Coded by NA3M)
WRTC2014: Added counter in Score window giving the operator visual indications of the ratio of QSOs and mode (CW/SSB) (W1UJ). (Coded by K3CT, NA3M)

Version 12.10.02 (Started Oct 16, 2012) -- Download
NY QSO Party: Remove the band change timer display for M1 and M2 class.(K1PY) (Coded by K3CT)
QCWA QSO Party: The 3X QSO point multiplier for the Special Events Station QSO is incorrect. Note that the multipliers are determined based on the Exchange text which may be non-chapter information. The rule to limit contacts with the Special Events Station if the user is within 50 miles of W2MM is not supported.(K1GGI) (Coded by K3CT)
Corrects Issue with DI2 initializing as DI1 and then switches to DI2 in title bar. (Coded by N2AMG)
UDC feature: New parameters added - see updated help.txt file. (Coded by NA3M)

Version 12.10.01 (Started Oct 09, 2012) -- Download
IL QSO Party: Changes to the rules.(Coded by K3CT)
IOTA: Change the off-time to 60 minutes. (G3XTT) (Coded by K3CT)
ARCIQRP Contest: Added QRP/Non-QRP power multiplier (7 or 1), country multiplier for VE & K, and special instructions note. (VE7GTU) (Coded by K3CT)
EPCRUDX: Rules change to multipliers per band. (IN3VVK)(Coded by K3CT)
Ctrl+Q Bug: Eliminate Error Report message when Ctrl+Q is used. Bug introduced in version 12.10.0. (SA6AXR) (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.10.00 (Started Oct 02, 2012) -- Download
Function Key Editor: Eliminate a "File Not Found" error when opening the function key editor after saving Cabrillo in a different directory. (K1TTT)(Coded by K3CT)
FOCBWQSO: Cabrillo output truncates the member number. (KZ5D)(Coded by K3CT)
UBAON: Change the UBAON contest to calculate DUPE by Mode and Band. Multipliers are calculated by mode and band when the contest Mode Category selector is set to Mixed(ON7SS)(Coded by K3CT)
WAE: After quick editing a QSO, clear the Nr box to eliminate the "-1". (N1API)(Coded by K3CT)
Changed warning in check window if master.dta is over 9 months. Corrected location of download menu. (RA3TT) (Coded by N1MM)
Entry window: stop title bar from flickering (Coded by VE7CC)
Fix for spot trim code for systems that have not been rebooted in 24+ days. (Coded by VE7CC)
Available window: added indicator for column that is sorted. (Coded by N1MM, K8UT)
Removed special coding for DL4RCK Skimmer. Any spot with "CQ " at start of comment was being interpreted as RTTY. (N3KS) (Coded by N1MM)
Corrects Fldigi when used in DI1 from not returning from TX. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 12.09.03 (Started Sep 25, 2012) -- Download
Added Packet window tools menu option to Available & Bandmap windows (Coded by N1MM)
Added warning in check window if master.dta is over 1 month old (Coded by N1MM)
Function Key: On CW & Digital modes eliminate a PTT key/unkey event when a function key contains a single macro with a leading/trailing space. (SM2WMV) (Coded by K3CT)
FOCBWQSO: When the cursor leaves the callsign box, check the log and populate the exchange box. (Coded by K3CT)
VHFSERIAL: Corrected Cabrillo output. (SA0BJL) (Coded by K3CT)

Version 12.09.02 (Started Sep 18, 2012) -- Download
Networked-computer: Ctrl-N (adding a note) causes 3022 errors on other computers in the network. Fixed. (KD4D) (coded by N2IC)
Fix transaction (backup) log so that edited QSO's are correctly logged (Coded by N2IC)
ARRL Ontario Section: Changes for the Arrl Ontario split. Please check the Multiplier window multiplier list and operation in advance of contests. (Coded by N1MM)
ARRL SS: Align the Entry window exchange titles. (Coded by K3CT)
NS Sprints: Change the Log window title. (N4ZR/VE3KI) (Coded by K3CT)
Corrects issue intrduced in v12.9.1 that would not allow the DI's to go back to RX and unkey the radio (Coded by N2AMG)
Corrects name and mode of the CIS-QPSK63-DX contest (Coded by N2AMG)
corrects issue where MMVARI DigitalOutput was not being saved. (Coded by N2AMG)
Corrects issue of calls found in Multi RX windows not being added in Grab window. (Coded by N2AMG)
If Multi-RX windows are open and a {CLEARRX} command is issued, Clears all attached Multi-RX windows. (Coded by N2AMG)
Pressing the ClearRX button and Multi-RX windows are open for that DI now clears attached windows also. (Coded by N2AMG)
Added code to support extraction of mode from DL4RCK digi skimmer spots (Coded by N1MM)

Version 12.09.01 (Started Sep 11, 2012) -- Download
Corrects issue with {SCQ} macro not functioning correctly (Coded by N2AMG)
Corrects issue when using a TNC of not printing in the DI2 (Coded by N2AMG)
Corrects issue of CQ Repeat not functioning correctly when using a TNC in DI2. (Coded by N2AMG)
Corrects issue with TNC's that use a cmd: prompt. Sometimes the cmd: prompt was not being detected and would cause buttons not returning to their correct state and CQ Repeat not triggered. (coded by N2AMG)
Corrects issue where {Profile0-8} would be sent out as a message with some of the digital engines. (Coded by N2AMG)
Adds the following Digital macro substitutions {ENABLEAFC}, {DISABLEAFC}, {ENABLENET}, {DISABLENET} (Coded by N2AMG)
Minor tweaks to Visible Dupesheet to correct overflow of calls into next call area column (Coded by N2IC)
Revised default ssb message file (Coded by N4ZR)
ARRL Sept VHF: Changed URL for rules and changed scoring to match the rules. (W1RM & K3TUF) (coded by K3CT)
Call History: The call history import will now move an existing grid square from Loc1 to Loc2 automatically to provide an alternate grid square to be used with the keyboard command Alt+minus. A new import directive !!NoLoc2AltGrid!! disables this functionality for those users that want to populate the LOC2 field with their own data. With or without the new import directive, the last grid square imported will always be stored in the LOC1 field. This is identical behavior to previous program versions. (PC5M) (coded by K3CT)
ALT+Minus Keystroke: Code clean-up, no change in the functionality. Used with Grid Square contests with Call History enabled. (coded by K3CT)
No Radio: When radio control is not used and Config, Show Non-Workable Spots in Bandmap is unchecked, do not display gray callsigns on the CallFrame. (coded by K3CT)
EntryWindow SentNr: When switching between contests, start with a gray 0 until the first callsign is entered. (coded by K3CT)
Function Key Editor: On CW, the program sends BT if a single space is placed in a function key message. (several) (Coded by K3CT)
Associated Files tab: Gray out the function key Clear button when the associated file is set to the default function key file. (Coded by K3CT)
Function Key Editor Export Button: Prompt if the function key editor text was changed and not saved then export the database contents. (Coded by K3CT)
Function Key Editor: Eliminate the program error when the last function key line ends with space. (NA0N)(Coded by K3CT)
Function Key Editor: Eliminate several startup errors when reading function key files that contain mistakes. (Coded by K3CT)
Allowed logging of invalid QSOs without Alt-Ctl-Enter (K3CT) (Coded by K3CT, N1MM)
Improvment to flicker of message editor (Coded by N1MM)
Telnet Window: window was forgetting which node to connect to (W1RM) (Coded by N1MM)
Bandmap was showing old style frequency arrow at startup (Coded by N1MM)

Version 12.09.00 (Started Sep 04, 2012) -- Download
When the associated function key file was changed from within the function key editor, the new function keys were not being loaded at program startup. Fixed. (coded by N2IC)
Changed function key editor "save" message prompt to indicate that messages will be saved and immediately become active. (coded by N2IC)
Removed ability to minimize the report/message editor window. (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Adjusted right hand frame in entry window to better match callframe. (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
NC QSO Party: Rules changes. (W4MY) (coded by K3CT)
QSO Party: Do not export RST if not required by the sponsor. Change Summary window multiplier titles. (coded by K3CT)
Function Key Editor: If the radio mode is not set, display an error message. If the function key file doesn't exist, display an error message and don't open the window. (coded by K3CT)
Info Window: When detecting that your station was spotted, use the radio TX frequency not the RX frequency for validation. (coded by K3CT)
Message editor - removed minimize button to reduce confusion (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Entry Window - adjusted call frame size & exchange frame size (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Info window - added right-click option to view Reverse Beacon Network spots web page for your call. You many need to enable the mapping function on that page if you want to see the map. This feature is subject to change or removal. (Coded by N1MM)
NRRL NFD contest: Serial Numbers by Band for Multi-Multi stations added. (LA6FJA) (coded by NA3M)
WAE CW: for EU stations, when in Run mode switching to QTC mode (ctrl-Z) does not send “QTC?” automatically. (UR0MC) (coded by NA3M)
UDC feature: bug fix for incorrect total score calculation (multipliers were ignored). (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.08.03 (Started Aug 28, 2012) -- Download
Kenwood: Stopped sending vfo selection command when not required. Audio silence between spots should be reduced. (Coded by N1MM)
Packet cluster list was not refreshing when database is change. (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Entry: Adjusted callframe size and font size (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Bandmap: older dupes were showing up as blue in bandmap (W8FN) (Coded by N1MM, K3CT)
Entry: Alt-Q was jumping to cq frequency on the wrong band when SO2R (S55O) (Coded by K3CT, N1MM)
KS QSO Party: Change in the bonus station callsign reported after the contest. (N3TG) (coded by K3CT)
Telnet Spots: Check the log first then check the call history file when processing spots. Populate the telnet spots with the Exch1 and Misc call history field data. Several minor performance improvements added. (coded by K3CT)
SCCRTTY Contest: Remove band change counters for all classes. (S57AW) (coded by K3CT)
SCCRTTY Contest: For incoming spots, use the data contained in the call history Sect field to determine multiplier status. (S55O) (coded by K3CT)
SCCRTTY Contest: Enable populating of exchange data from the call history SECT field. This contest needs to be changed to user the EXCH field instead of the SECT field. This will be done after the contest log deadline.(S55O) (coded by K3CT)
Score Reporting Application: Add an option to exclude the sending of band breakdowns in Configurer, Other tab window. (coded by K3CT)
File Menu: Display every contest recently opened in the number file list even if the name is the same or it has the same start time. NOTE: Only contests opened after this version is installed will be displayed. (NA0N)(coded by K3CT)
Station Information Window: Remove the requirements for K, KH6, KL7, KP2, KP4, KH2 callsigns enter an ARRL Section that matches their prefix country. (coded by K3CT)
Bandmap Spot Color: When self spotting a station that was worked earlier, the spot color is blue instead of gray. This bug was introduced in version 12.7.4. (many) (coded by N1MM & K3CT)

Version 12.08.02 (Started Aug 21, 2012) -- Download
Mults were being double counted if the contest had more than one mult type (VE1DT) (Coded by N1MM)
Changed telnet window message maximum size calculation when spots are arriving > 5/sec (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Available Window: Changed size of Q label to allow for more than 1000 spots/band (Coded by N1MM)
Available Window: Reversed default of Count Unique Mults and made option "sticky" (Coded by N1MM)
Available window: added doevents to Update Counts to allow for long running mult counting when there are thousands of spots (Coded by N1MM)
Removed the version 10.0.0 in warning message to install base version. (Coded by N1MM)
Improved performance when clicking bandmap spots (probably not noticable). (Coded by N1MM)
FT-100 Radio Control: Issues when using this radio in SO2R as the right radio. Can not send CW from the radio COM port. Major code changes were made for this radio, please test and report any issues. (K1GGI, LU7HZ) (coded by K3CT)
PA QSO Party: Bonus station callsign change, switch to Cabrillo 3.0 to support the new categories added in the rules. (N3LI)(coded by K3CT)
Manual Radio: Mode of VFOB is not being set when enabling split. Causes wrong function key window to open when split is enabled. (coded by K3CT)
Default category for new logs is now "SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED". (ON5ZO, many others) (coded by N2IC)
Alt-Q toggles between the latest spot and CQ Freq. If no CQ Frequency, just jumps to latest spot on the band. (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)

Version 12.08.01 (Started Aug 14, 2012) -- Download
Networked-computer: Enable transmit interlocks when using keyboard CW. (coded by N2IC)
For Winkey, fix handling of Sidetone and Paddle-only Sidetone fields. (KW7R) (coded by N2IC)
For Winkey, allow function key message to be sent immediately after paddle-sent CW without being garbled. (N9NC) (coded by N2IC)
Networked-computer: The transmitter interlock settings are now saved (and restored) on program exit/restart. (coded by N2IC)
Networked-computer: For SSB, fixed "Block my TX only if other station transmitting on same band/mode". (9A3OS) (coded by N2IC)
Improve keyboard response to CQ message in WAE. (coded by N2IC)
For WAE, do not default received serial number to 0. (KD4D) (coded by N2IC)
For WAE, do not reset QTC sequence number back to 1 if there is a bad entry in the SQTC. (NR4M) (coded by N2IC)
Networked-computer: Improve error logging of 3022 and 3167 errors. (NR4M) (coded by N2IC)
Networked-computer: After a WIPELOG, disable QSO number audit for 10 minutes, or until the clock hour changes. (NR4M) (coded by N2IC)
Contest Rescore: Fixed a rescore bug in contests with two or three mults. The wrong number of multipliers were computed during a rescore in these contests. (coded by K3CT)
New Contest: Added ARRL School Club Roundup contest. This contest needs testing. (coded by K3CT)
Country prefix was not being calculated early enough for the spotting filter to operate on it (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Adjusted packet window richtextbox text size calculation to reduce size in smaller increments (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Performance change to how duplicate skimmer messages are detected (Coded by N1MM)

Version 12.08.00 (Started Aug 07, 2012) -- Download
Telnet message suppressed notification was only done the first time the Telnet window was minimized. (Coded by N1MM)
Change how the mult/spot counts are updated to avoid confusing the spot governor (Coded N1MM)
Dynamically reduce the number of lines displayed in packet window depending on spot arrival rate (Coded by N1MM)
Cached IsWorkable attribute on packet spots to improve available window performance (Coded by N1MM)
Available window: added option to count or not count duplicate mults in available window stats. Defaults to off for improved performance. Best to turn on after most mults have been worked, and you need to know exactly how many mults can be worked by going to a band. (Coded by N1MM)
Changed dxlog isMultiplier3 name in program to match db exactly. May help with Turkish 3265 errors (Coded by N1MM)
Improved performance in checking for dupes and multiple spots on one frequency while adding packet spots to the packet manager object (Coded by N1MM)
Log selection: changed label of Clear buttons to Reset to default. (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Multiplier Window: Change the grid square map title bar wording and correct the count value. The multiplier count is the number of mults worked on the current band. (W1TR)(coded by K3CT)
Multiplier window: Added right-click option to show bearing to grid (Coded by N1MM)
Multiplier window: Added right-click option to turn antenna to grid (Coded by N1MM)
Multiplier Window: Grid square display changes. Add a right click menu to display minimum size grid square boxes. This setting is not saved. Remove the unused boarder on the right side of the window. Prevent the use of the Section display when the contest enables the grid square display. If a previous contest enabled the horizontal scroll bar, disable it. (coded by K3CT)
IOTA Contest: Remove default IOTA number. (coded by K3CT)
DataBase ContestInstance Table: When contests are opened, prevent the SubType field from being populated when it is not used. (K0RC)(coded by K3CT)

Version 12.07.05 (Started Aug 01, 2012) -- Download
Networked mode: Fix for critical bug introduced in 12.07.04. 3021 when logging the first QSO. (PC5M) (Coded by N1MM)
Networked Computer: Fix deleted QSO's not being shown on all computers. Fix duplicate entries when a QSO is edited. (W1UE, KD4D, PC5M) (coded by N2IC)
Networked Computer: Improve handling and error logging when the expected local IP address cannot be found in the networked-computer table. (GW0ETF) (coded by N2IC)
Incorrect zone detection for some UA9/0 oblasts (RRTC, CQ-M contests) was fixed. (R5GA) (coded by NA3M).
Added CW/SSB percentage for Score window for RRTC contest (rules require at least 30% QSOs in each mode). (RX4W) (coded by NA3M)
In EUHFC band change counter was counting only band changes but not band and mode changes. (UW2M) (coded by NA3M)
Error in Help.txt for UDC feature (paragraph was displaced) fixed. (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M)
Significant performance improvement to packet spot handling. (Coded by N1MM)
Suppress display of telnet spots while window is minimized to improve spot handling performance (Coded by N1MM)
Reduced telnet text buffer size when spots arriving faster than 5/second (Coded by N1MM)

Version 12.07.03 (Started Jul 24, 2012) -- Download
Added right-click option to message button editor to restore default messages. (Coded by N1MM)
Added default message files to full installer and to newexe file to support above option. Note: the defaults are the new recommended macro files for cw, ssb & digi. They will be updated from time to time. The option above will restore to the currently recommended values. (Coded by N1MM, N4ZR, K8UT, VE3KI)
Quick Edit: When in Quick Edit mode an error is produced if a function key is pressed containing the {LOG} macro. (K1KO)(coded by K3CT)
Quick Edit: When in Quick Edit mode an error is produced if ALT+Enter is pressed. (K3TN)(coded by K3CT)
IOTA: A call history entry of G,EU005 is not imported into the call history database and a random G callsign is not populated with the the exchange EU005. Simplify the call history code executed when the cursor leaves the callsign box. (GW0ETF)(coded by N1MM & K3CT)
Dual Rx: Non-Icom radios are not initializing to Dual RX when the user has the option checked. (W4DXX)(coded by K3CT)
ESM: In ESM mode when entering complex calls like OZ/DF3EW/P the cursor doesn't move into the Exchange field. (GM3WUX)(coded by K3CT)
USB to COM Driver Issue: Output a message and log errors in the ErrorLog.txt file when the user's USB to COM port driver is not compatible with programs written in Visual Basic. (coded by K3CT)
FT-757GXII radio: Display Entrywindow status messages when the radio outputs invalid RIT polling data. (coded by K3CT)
CQ VHF Contest: Switch to Cabrillo 3.0 so VHF single band entry selectors are displayed. The sponsor confirmed that submitting Cabrillo 2.0 or 3.0 logs is acceptable. (W1RM)(coded by K3CT)

Version 12.07.02 (Started Jul 17, 2012) -- Download
OH QSO Party: Rules change, added DX multiplier, changed to Cabrillo 3.0. (K2KW) (coded by K3CT)
IARU: Multi-One band change timer should reset on band or mode change. Modify the Info window timer label to indicate band & mode. (KD4D & AB1OD) (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.07.01 (Started Jul 09, 2012) -- Download
WRTC-2014 testing only (for testing of WRTC-2014 competition sites in IARU contest, select "WRTC" contest): Changed IARU HQ scoring to 2 points. All other features (including multi-2) should work correctly without changes. Please test ! (coded by N2IC)
DLDX-RTTY contest bug - Score Summary titles reversed (K2DSL). (coded by NA3M)
AC-SPRING (ARCTIKA-SPRING) udc file updated (UA3MIF). (coded by NA3M)
Contest Reporting Output: Many bands 222 MHz and above are exported as 1 meter. The code now generates the XML band report in meters. No changes were made to the output for bands 2 meters and below. (S51FB) (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.07.00 (Started Jul 03, 2012) -- Download
New function key editor: added color to distinguish remarks, run & s&p messages. Added right-click insert wav file name menu selection. Added import with the option to set associated file for that contest. (Coded by N1MM)
Updated copyright in spash screen (K0RC) (Coded by N1MM)
FD: Made all KH prefixes default to PAC (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
FD: Prioritized prior section exchanges in log over PAC/DX. (Coded by N1MM)
Orion: made up/down keys more responsive (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Networked computer: fix to rates in Info Window missed in last build (Coded by N2IC)
Program Startup: Improve the program operation when a user starts the program with a non-default *.ini file. When using Clear Config Settings, backup the *ini file that was used to start the program. Use the non-standard *ini filename when changing operators. If this *ini file exists which ends with the operator's call, restore the window positions. Otherwise, do not restore the window positions. Check the *ini filename that was used to start the program for existence and write permissions.
Add comments to the ErrorLog.txt file when the *ini file is read only or doesn't exist on start up.
Log the *ini file used when generating a RunTime error report.
If the non-default *ini file does not exist at program start, open the program with the default *ini file. (K1TTT)(coded by K3CT)
Populate Exchange From Log: Add populate exchange from log for Field Day and ARRL 10m contests when the cursor leaves the callsign box. Users can submit Feature Requests for other contests that need support added for this feature. (coded by K3CT)
Icom Radio Control: Correct an error in the variable command pacing operation which was introduced when polling with the new Icom split commands were added. Improve the efficiency by removing additional pending radio commands from the RadioCmdManager stack when the mode, frequency, or split is programmed. Correct several of the CmdType identifiers in the code. The prior and existing operation disables the variable command pacing if the radio port baud rate is less than 9600 baud. (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.06.03 (Started Jun 26, 2012) -- Download
Networked Computer: Improvements to prevent contacts from being moved to the DELETED contest when the networked-computer mode is turned off, then back on (coded by N2IC)
Restore Window Positions: If window positions are restored from a saved file do not open the second Entrywindow and Bandmap if the program mode is set to SO1V even if they were open when the window positions were saved. (coded by K3CT)
NRRLNFD: Operator column added to Generic File for MultiOp categories (LA6FJA). (coded by NA3M)
Broadcast 2nd radio info periodically (WC1M) (Coded by N1MM)
FD: change to prefill KP4/KP2/KH6/KL7 with proper section prefix. Some were not filling, some filling with DX (N9JLX) (Coded by N1MM)

Version 12.06.02 (Started Jun 19, 2012) -- Download
Restored function key export menu selection in Entry Window (many) (Coded by N1MM)
Added export function to new function key editor (many) (Coded by N1MM)
Wrong rules displayed when in the process of choosing a new contest in contest setup dialog (Coded by N1MM)
Added QSO Party identifier to recent files list for QSO Parties (W9WI) (Coded by N1MM)
Change CATASC handling so that the message repeat timer is not inadvertently changed (W1TR) (Coded by N2IC)
Networked-computer: Added new option "Disable all Transmit Interlocks" (KD4D) (coded by N2IC)
Change name of transaction backup file to reduce confusion. The old name was "dbname.mdb - contestname.TRN" . The new name is "dbnameDB - contestname.TRN" (coded by N2IC).
Entrywindow: Remove experimental S-meter display function which interfered with the status line. (K3UU) (coded by K3CT)
SC QSO Party: New rules and county abbreviations. (KN4QD)(coded by K3CT)
WV QSO Party: Cabrillo and Generic Log export corrections. (K8JQ)(coded by K3CT)
HI QSO Party: Rules change, DX only sends RST, populate exchange with DX instead of country. (AH0A)(coded by K3CT)
VHFREG1: Bearing display in EntryWindow did not update when tuning across spots. (PA4JJ)(coded by K3CT)
Corrects problem of cursor not moving out of call window when in cw contest with the digital windows open. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 12.06.01 (Started Jun 12, 2012) -- Download
Reduced the size of the Configurer window slightly and raised the buttons to improve visibility on low-res monitors. (VE1ZAc) (Coded by N1MM)
Open existing contest: Position selection on currently loaded contest (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Entry Window: Fixed error when loading recently accessed contests from the file menu. (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Implemented new CW/SSB/Digi message editor (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Fixed 10 second timer for frequency broadcasts (WC1M)
Added check for change in focus window to frequency broadcasts (WC1M)
RunTime Error: Eliminate a runtime error generated when the audio device is missing from the Windows hardware table. (coded by K3CT)
Mode Assignment: Assign CW mode to all skimmer spots. (coded by K3CT)
UDC enhancement: new parameters (IsMult1Per, IsMult2Per, IsMult3Per) were added to configure Multiplier1, 2, 3 separately (see Help.txt). (coded by NA3M)
UKSMG Contest: Summary window titles DXC,Grd reversed (G0LGS). (coded by NA3M)
DLDC-RTTY Contest: In the Cabrillo header the Contest Name changed to "LDC-RTTY" (K3IU). (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.06.00 (Started Jun 05, 2012) -- Download
Remove QSO recording controls from configurer and config menus (Coded by N1MM)
Networked-Computer: Fix error 3167 (2nd attempt). (coded by N2IC)
Networked-Computer: Fixed performance problems introduced in 12.5.2. (WX3B, KD4D, N3RD, NR4M) (coded by N2IC)
King Of Spain contest: missing label for Sent Nr field in the Entry window. (S56A) (coded by NA3M)
Fix for runtime error caused by 12.05.04 (K7QQ) (Coded by N1MM)
Broadcast frequency info every 10 seconds even if no frequency change (WC1M) (Coded by N1MM)
DRCG Long Distance Contest (DLDCRTTY): Score Summary window titles corrected (coded by NA3M)
UDC feature, new value for MultSqlString parameter added (MultSqlString.. = CallHist), see updated Help.txt and DXCC_LOTW.UDC in User Defined Contests gallery as an example (coded by NA3M)
UDC feature, logging QSO with the same station on a different band was causing a crash (only for some localized Windows versions) (UA3MIF), (coded by NA3M)
RunTime Error: Eliminate a runtime error generated when recording a SSB voice message and the wavefile path did not contain a "\". (coded by K3CT)
DRCG Long Distance Contest (DLDCRTTY): logging QSO without received exchange is now not blocked (allowed by new rules) (coded by NA3M).
UDC feature bug: recent change in the program to use web site links to contest rules was blocking parameter WebAddress in all UDC contests (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.05.04 (Started May 29, 2012) -- Download
Removed option to record QSOs. RecAll is recommended as a replacement. (Coded by N1MM)
Changed program to use web site links to contest rules and setup information (Coded by K8UT & N1MM)
Fix for File list problem not showing two identical contests (or even two QSOPARTY contests) created on the same day. (W1RM) (Coded by N1MM)
Networked Computer: Fix 3167 error that appears on other computers in the network after editing a contact (Fixed by N2IC)
WA QSO Party: QSO points changed for CW & Digital. (NG7Z) (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.05.03 (Started May 22, 2012) -- Download
Networked-Computer: Fix 3022 error after editing a QSO. This is an important fix for WPX CW for networked-computer configurations. (PC5M) (Coded by N2IC).
King of Spain contest: when using networked computers mode the logger was forced to use Numbers by Band (RG9A). (coded by NA3M)
King of Spain contest: Score Summary window titles reversed, incorrect link to the rules (coded by NA3M)
UA2 QSO Party: Sent Nr was missing in Entry Window (RA6YDX). (coded by NA3M)
Incorrect Continent and Country for UA9X/F/G (should be EU, UA) (R2SA). (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.05.02 (Started May 15, 2012) -- Download
PTT was being asserted on the wrong port when Cw/Other was not checked, but PTT was selected in dialog. (K9DUR) (Coded by N1MM)
Added WIPELOG text command and confirmation window. Entering "WIPELOG" in the Entry Window callsign field will remove all QSO's from the currently active log on the local computer. To clear all QSO's on all computers in a networked-computer configuration, type WIPELOG on each computer (VE6JY, NR4M) (coded by N2IC).
Corrects error that was introduced in last version when detecting to see if port is already open and bypassing error message when MMTTY is open. (Coded by N2AMG,K3CT)
Corrects when switching from RTTY to CW and causes the cursor to move outside callsign window. (Coded by N2AMG)
BAR75RTTYS Contest: Correct contest start and stop times. Summary window titles reversed. (WB2RHM) (coded by K3CT)
Radio Control: Added the IC-821 radio to the program and manual. ALT+F12 swaps the Main and Sub frequencies. (LY2SA) (coded by K3CT)
Contest Mode Switching: Changed the user message displayed when switching to/from Digital Modes is disabled by the user's setting in the initial contest setup, Mode Category drop down. (KV1J)(coded by K3CT)
HI QSO Party: Rules changes, needs testing. Note that the sponsor does not use standard Cabrillo station category names. (AH0A) (coded by K3CT)
NEWE QSO Party: When logging stations with the three letter abbreviation first, the multiplier is not recognized when logging with the five letter county abbreviation. (KK1X) (coded by K3CT)
Cty-CQM.dat (country file for CQ-M and Gagarin Cup contests) file updated. (coded by NA3M)
Helvetia Contest: Summary window titles reversed (HB9DDO). (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.05.01 (Started May 08, 2012) -- Download
Force Mults window to stay closed. (Attempt #2) (W1RM) (Coded by N1MM)
New contest UA2 Qso Party (UA2QP) added (R1DX, UA2FB). (coded by NA3M)
UA1DZ Cup: corrections to score calculation (RA3FD). (coded by NA3M)
ARIDX contest: multiplier names were swapped in Score window (DXC, Pro), the Received number column was not present in the LOG window (IN3VVK). (coded by NA3M)
Digital - Corrects issue of wrong serial number being sent when using SO2R and switching focus back to second radio and sending exchange. (Coded by N2AMG)
When exting config or resetting radio's supresses Port already open msgbox when MMTTY or MMVARI engines are loaded. (Coded by N2AMG)
QSO Party: Contacts made on AM are not scored properly. (AJ4LN)(coded by K3CT)
QSO Party Enhancement: If the callsign ends with /county and the exchange box is empty, validate the county and populate the exchange box with the county when the cursor leaves the callsign field. (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.05.00 (Started May 01, 2012) -- Download
Force Mults window to stay closed (W1RM) (Coded by N1MM)
Icom Radio Control: In SO2R with Icom radio set as right radio, the radio VFO isn't selected correctly. Issue introduced in version 12.03.00.(W4NZ)(coded by K3CT)
NS Sprint Contests: Updates and corrections for NS Sprint and NS Ladder contests. Added PJ4 mult, populate KH6, and multiplier countries can work everyone. Tnx N6ZFO. Note: The SprintNS and SprintLadd contests are now identical except for the QSO/Band dupe rule and rules URL. The SprintLadd enables the QSO/Band dupe rule, SprintNS does not.(KZ5D)(coded by K3CT)
CVADXSSB and CVADXCW contests: correction to score calculation. (PT2LA) (coded by NA3M)
New contest Ukrainian Cup (UKRCUPLP) added. (UT7QF) (coded by NA3M)
For all Ukrainian Championships (UKRCHCW, UKRCHSSB, UKRCHRTTY) and Ukrainian Cup (UKRCUPLP) 10 min timer added for SingleOp category. (UT7QF) (coded by NA3M)
UA1DZ Cup: corrections to score calculation. (RD1A) (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.04.02 (Started Apr 24, 2012) -- Download
Station dialog help was broken (K8Ko) (Coded by N1MM)
Added n to RadioInfo broadcast. Same number as appears on LPT port for antenna switching. Supports multiple antennas per band, as set up in the Configurer Antennas tab. (K1XM) (Coded by N1MM)
Reset Window Positions: Reset the EditLookupTable and Send CW windows with the Config, Find All Windows (move to within to 800 X 600) command. Close the EditLookUp window when Esc is pressed. (AV5VJ) (coded by K3CT)
Arrl Jan VHF Contest: Laser contacts are 8 points. (K3TUF) (coded by K3CT)
VHF/UHF Mode: Change the band Up/Dn order when using Ctrl+PageUp/Dn, display mm bands correctly in the Entry window title bar. Note that when a radio is interfaced, transverter offsets must be used for the microwave bands so that the radio frequency is within the programmable limits. (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.04.01 (Started Apr 17, 2012) -- Download
Callsign Pattern: Removed Q suffix for PA calls, changed U5 prefix to warning, fixed spelling errors. (PA1M)(coded by K1TTT)
ARIDX Contest: Rules changes, start/stop time, multi-single band/mode timer. Please test in advance of the contest. (I2WIJ)(coded by K3CT)
Open Database: When opening a database set the initial directory to the application directory. (coded by K3CT)
Log Window: The Show Mode option failed to add the mode column sometimes. (N4ZR) (coded by K3CT)
CW Macros: When a user builds a recursive macro, no CW was sent. The code will now send the first 255 characters to help identify the macro mistake. (coded by K3CT)
GCup (Gagarin Cup) Contest: List of special stations (multipliers) updated. (coded by NA3M)
EU Spring Sprint Contest: Link to the rules updated. (coded by NA3M)
RFChamp (Russian Federation Championship) Contest: Multiplier color in the Entry window was not correct. The Comment field is now used to store RF zone. (RA3TT) (coded by NA3M)
UKSMG Contest: Corrections to Cabrillo format by sponsor request. (G8FXM) (coded by NA3M)
UDC Bug Fix: Prefilling of numeric exchange was not working in some cases. (UA3MIF) (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.04.00 (Started Apr 03, 2012) -- Download
ADIF Output: Add the STATION_CALLSIGN field to the ADIF output. (EA4TV)(coded by K3CT)
SP DX Contest: Added band & mode change support. Rules change, band/mode change rule added for SingleOp, updated the rules link, and log zero points if a non-SP station logs a non-SP station. Multi-Ops should select Operator Category = MULTI-ONE. There were a lot of necessary changes made to this contest code, please test in advance. (SQ8GHY)(coded by K3CT)
IOTA Rules Change: Changed QSO points, added band & mode change support for island multi-ops, added mode column to Log window for multi-mode operators, changed the rules link to the general RSGB page. World or island operator is determined by the text in the Sent Exchange in the contest setup window. Follow the setup information found in the manual Supported Contest section. Please test and report issues. (K0RC)(coded by K3CT)
TX QSO Party: Add mobile bonus points (1000 points per county when you make 5 or more QSO's). The bonus points for working mobiles in multiple counties is not supported for mobile or fixed stations. (NO5W) (coded by K3CT)
Info Window: When starting a new contest, clear the band change counter and update the display. (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.03.02 (Started Mar 27, 2012) -- Download
CQ WPX: Enable serial numbers by band when Multi-Unlimited is selected. Note: according to the Cabrillo 2.0 specification, Multi-Unlimited is a VHF contest category term. (VE7FO)(coded by K3CT)
Networked-computer: Handle erroneous occurrence of error 3022 (duplicate keys) when a resync occurs (NR4M) (coded by N2IC and N1MM)
Networked-computer: Support serial numbers-by-band when multiple computers are on the same band by preventing the sent number from changing while a QSO is in progress (KD4D) (coded by N2IC)
Networked-computer: Periodically synchronize serial numbers (KD4D) (coded by N2IC)
Networked-computer: Notify user if operator category and transmitter category do not match on all networked computers (KD4D) (coded by N2IC)
QSO Party Bonus Point Support: Added mobile/portable/expedition bonus point support with minimum QSO count to the following QSO parties: CO, KY, NM, PA, TN, VA, and WI. Enabled when the program is in Rover mode. Operator Category = ROVER or Station Category = ROVER, MOBILE, or EXPEDITION. If QSO's are logged without the proper contest category set, the location specific information will not be saved in the database. The WI QSO Party rule to not include the home county in the bonus points calculation is not supported. Bonus points are listed on the Score Summary (File, Export, Print Score Summary To File). Please test and report any errors. This feature adds overhead to every Rover Mode QSO logged in these state QSO parties. (coded by K3CT)
K3 Radio: Set the internal VFO flag in SO1V and SO2R mode to always VFOA enabled. (coded by K3CT)
Digital - Corrects 2 RunTime error's in DI2 MMVARIMultiRX Window (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects not being able to send mycall key after logging a contact and changing frequency by mouse click in PSK Engines. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects Transverter frequency reverting to IF frequency when using MMTTY (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects SO2R lockout not functioning correctly when using Right click in RX Window.This was causing Odd PTT issues in both Entry Windows. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects Header shown on Log window for When users open old CISDXRTTY logs. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 12.03.01 (Started Mar 20, 2012) -- Download
If LPT ports are being used and the LPT driver is not installed, warn the user that they must run N1MM Logger as administrator once (NQ6N) (coded by N2IC)
IC-7410,IC-9100 Split: Poll the radio for split using the radio firmware command addition. The IC-7410 was released with the get split firmware command. The current IC-9100 firmware version is Release E1. (coded by K3CT)
BARTGSRTTY bug fix, multiplier names were swapped in Score window. (Coded by NA3M)
Digital - Corrects issues where calls were not entering the grab window. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects issue of not saving and loading macro's for TNC use in Digital setup area. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 12.03.00 (Started Mar 13, 2012) -- Download
Despite the Oblast update, this version is NOT recommended for the Russian Dx contest. There are too many changes in it. See the user group for instructions on how to update the Oblasts manually. If you must, upgrade to this version, but be prepared to downgrade to the prior version. The corrected Oblasts will remain corrected in that case for any database that you ran this version with.
RUSSIANDX contest, corrections to oblast.sec files (will be updated automatically once the new log for the contest is open), (RA3TT)(coded by NA3M)
Fix SO2R echoing of sent CW in Entry Window after sending CW from the keyboard. (coded by N2IC)
UKSMG contest: added support for Generic Log file, corrections to Cabrillo format by sponsor request. (G8FXM) (coded by NA3M)
Moved muting of mic (optional) to occur after wav file starts. Was delaying start too much. (Coded by N1MM)
Moved unmuting of mic (optional) to occur after PTT drops. Was delaying return to receive too much (Coded by N1MM)
Orion: ignore reading of mic levels if they are zero. Mic level is only used to restore prior mic level after it was muted (zero). (Coded by N1MM)
Orion/Flex/K3: removed extra query of mic level for option mic muting function. Latest Orion firmware does not appear to need it. Other radios copied that code. (Coded by N1MM)
Available: When viewing only radio mode spots, SSB spots were being matched incorrectly, causing incorrect counts (Coded by N1MM)
Ctl-Shift-Fn was shifting buttons in entry window to the opposite state (Run/S&P) (Coded by N1MM)
SSB: Do not include @ as part of a filename when recording on-the-fly messages (Coded by N1MM)
SSB: On-the-fly messages were being recording to the wrong files if comments included when messages defined (Coded by N1MM)
K3 Radio: Add a digital modes ESC key work around for the K3 firmware issue. Added digital modes delay for the radio when ESC is pressed in an attempt to solve the stuck TX when using radio command PTT. The command is sent to the K3 radio but it is ignored at times in all modes. (coded by K3CT)
Transverter Operation Icom (all radios), Jupiter, Argonaut, OmniVII, FT-857, FT-897: When clicking in the Bandmap and using the transverter feature, the Bandmap re-draws using the IF frequency and then the RF frequency. (GW8IZR)(coded by K3CT)
Icom Radio Control: Added support for the /### feature, major changes to the Icom set frequency routine. (coded by K3CT)
Icom Radio Control: Eliminate Bandmap redraw flicker and VFO errors with the IC-7800. (K8UT)(coded by K3CT)
Radio Control: If the program exits with Dual RX Always ON, configure the radio with Dual RX ON during program start. (K8UT)(coded by K3CT)
IC-7600,IC-7700,IC-7800 Split: Poll the radio for split using new radio command. IC-7600 requires firmware 1.11 or newer, IC-7700 requires firmware 1.20 or newer, IC-7800 requires firmware 2.30 or newer. All have been release about a year ago. (coded by K3CT)
Icom Radio Control Bug: Effected the Icom radios IC-756Pro and newer. Fixed a bug in the code that changed the radio command pacing to improve performance when multiple commands are sent to the radio. Improved the response when tuning with the Up/Dn arrow key and prevent radio commands from accumulating when keyboard repeat gets ahead of the radio hardware. (coded by K3CT)
FT-840/890/900 Bug: When using any of these radios in SO2R configuration, VFOB is selected unexpectedly. (LU7HZ)(coded by K3CT)
IC-775 Radio Control: Re-write of the IC-775 radio control. The radio firmware limits correct implementation of SO2V. Tnx WE3C for loan of radio. (coded by K3CT)
SO2V: Open the second Entry window when SO2V is selected. (coded by K3CT)
Entry Window: Display or clear the Split indicator in the Entry window if the setting is the same for greater than two display cycles. (coded by K3CT)
Note: There have been a lot of Icom related radio control changes made in this version to address a wide range of improvements and reported issues. Even though several people have been testing this code for over a month, some issues may have...

Version 12.02.03 (Started Feb 28, 2012) -- Download
ARRL160 Contest: Correction when determining the US multiplier, populate the VE exchange, and correct a call history bug. (coded by K3CT)
CQWW160 Contests: Correct color errors. (N4ZR) (coded by K3CT)
Pass Macro Bug: The pass macros using band do not work ( example: {PASS 7000} ). Allow Mixed case macro name {Pass} for all Pass macros. (N3RD)(coded by K3CT)
Digital - When aborting Xmit when using MMTTY, tells MMTTY to flush the buffer when going back to RX. (Coded by N2AMG)
UKSMG contest: Changed to Cabrillo 3.0 by sponsor request. (G8FXM) (coded by NA3M)
NC QSO Party: Calls ending with /4, /QRP, /NC scored with zero points. (N4CW)(coded by K3CT)

Version 12.02.02 (Started Feb 21, 2012) -- Download
Hide Off times button in contest selection dialog until some contest requires it in Cabrillo 3.0 (N4ZR) (coded by N1MM)
Digital - Digital Call Stacking-Corrects grabbing calls not on the stack frequency when popping calls off stack.(Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects RT91 error seen occasionally when having calls on the stack.(Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects RT error if MMTTY is not found in directory shown in setup. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects Stuttering of RTTY and dropping of PTT when using multiple F-Key presses. (Coded by N2AMG)
General - Corrects export of macros to include the comments stored in them. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds new method of popping calls off Call Stack Called "FIFO Mults first" When selected multipliers will be taken off stack first by their mult status and in First in First out order. Higher number of mults comes off first. (Coded by N2AMG)
Bug: problem with station classification (MULTI-OP, MULTI-TWO, MULTI-MULTI) when on-line Contest Score Server is used (W1UJ, RW4WM) (coded by NA3M)
Bug: REF contest, column names corrected in the Score Summary window (coded by NA3M)
Link to the rules updated for REF and UBA contests (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.02.01 (Started Feb 14, 2012) -- Download
NC QSO Party: Changed to Cabrillo 3.0 to support the Expedition entry class.(W4MPS)(coded by K3CT)
VA QSO Party: Changed the Start / Stop times and switched to Cabrillo 3.0 to support the new entry class. (W4MYA)(coded by K3CT)
NJ QSO Party: Many changes in the rules. Same weekend as MARAC State Party. NJ users can log out-of-state QSO's with the two or six character MARAC exchanges. Out-of-state users that want to send logs to both QSO Parties should use the MARAC QSO Party selection. The NJ QSO Party will accept the MARAC Cabrillo and rescore. Needs testing as in-state, out-of-state, and rover. (K2QPN)(coded by K3CT)
VT QSO Party: Many changes in the rules. Needs testing as in-state, out-of-state, and rover. (W1SJ)(coded by K3CT)
Rover Mode: Rover mode is now enabled when the Station Category is set to Expedition.(coded by K3CT)
Macro: Added {LONGPATH} which turns the rotor to the long path beam heading. (ND8L)(coded by K3CT)
Bug: Import of .trn files created by old versions (11.11.04 or older) does not work (UX1IL) (coded by NA3M).
Russian PSK WW Contest (RUSDXPSK): Rules link changed. (coded by NA3M)
Initialize the Operator correctly when the station info is changed after a new installation (N9LJX) (coded by N2IC).
Available Window operation now supports double-clicking on a call to populate the callsign field in the Entry Window. This makes the Bandmap and Available Window operations the same - a single click places the call in the "on call" frame, and a double click places the call in the callsign field. (W5GN) (coded by N2IC).
Digital - Corrects Error when in SO2V and grabbing call while Entry Window B has focus.(Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects {PROFILE0} from resetting audio freq. until MMTTY stops transmitting.(Coded by N2AMG)

Version 12.02.00 (Started Feb 07, 2012) -- Download
Make # a comment when at the beginning of a function key label. This is to support in-line comments in function key files. (Coded by N1MM)
Add Filter Blacklisted Packet Spots back to Packet Filter menu (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Digital - When pressing ClearRX or using {CLEARRX} macro the RX window buffer is no longer cleared.(Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds a new menu selection when right clicking in the rx window to empty the rx windows buffer.(Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When searching for calls in garbage and using highlight background of calls , Calls found will have their foreground text colored but not the background highlighted as a work around for an issue in the API call(Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Reworks macro load routines to allow for # comments not to be loaded into the macro buttons. (Coded by N2AMG)
NH QSO Party: Rules change. Added two callsigns to the special QSO points list. (N1IX)(coded by K3CT)
MCC QSO Party: Rules change. Bonus points calculation, changed start & stop times, removed band change timer in Multi-One. (VE1NB)(coded by K3CT)
ARRL RTTY: The call history State field information is stored in the contest log Sect field instead of the QSO exchange information. (WW3S)(coded by K3CT)
AZ, CO, MN QSO Party: The Cabrillo output, sent name column isn't wide enough for long station operator names. (K0RC)(coded by K3CT)
Bug Fix: XERTTY contest, column names corrected in the Score Summary window (JA7ZP) (coded by NA3M)
UDC, “/QRP” can be used in the BonusPoints parameter (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.01.04 (Started Jan 31, 2012) -- Download
The "switch" to enable or disable blacklisting of "packet" spots has been moved to the "Config" menu in the Entry Window. (coded by N2IC)
A list of blacklisted "packet" spot calls can now be imported or exported from the Entry Window "File" menu. The format is a standard text file, with one call per line. (coded by N2IC)
In a networked-computer configuration, when a user blacklists a call from the bandmap or available window, the blacklist is updated on all currently-connected computers. (coded by N2IC)
New contest WWIH (World Wide Iron Ham) added (PY5EG) (Coded by NA3M)
UDC feature, logging QSO with empty Exch field is allowed again (was removed in 12.01.02) to keep existing udc files working (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M)
Config Audio Tab: Don't display the audio hardware changed message four times. Open window with audio tab active when the audio hardware has changed. Gray out Radio 2 items if not SO2R. (coded by K3CT)
UBAON Contests: Rules URL changed. (coded by K3CT)

Version 12.01.03 (Started Jan 24, 2012) -- Download
Available Window: Fix a WARC band filter bug and reduce spot processing time. Program change to not load PacketWindow to determine WARC filter status. (coded by K3CT)
HA DX Contest: Remove the Sent field from the Log window for HA users. (HA2VR) (coded by K3CT)
SO2V Dual Rx: Save the Dual Rx setting modified with Ctrl+Alt+D or the ~ key. (coded by K3CT)
UDC feature, changes to parameter /QsoErrorString/ to make it more flexible (see Help.txt). Some existing UDC contests may require corrections. (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.01.02 (Started Jan 17, 2012) -- Download
Improve CW SO2R radio switching time (coded by N2IC)
Digital - Corrects Clear Grab Window on CQ from not functioning in DI2. (Coded by N2AMG)
Available Window: Allow the selection of one or more bands and radio/VFO with the right click menu. The WARC bands are grayed and unselected when the telnet WARC band filter is active. Eliminate a runtime error and improve the code efficiency. Thanks to the users that helped with testing. (coded by K3CT)
ESM: When using ESM in RUN mode, do not send the TU message again if the user sends the TU message manually with the TU function key. (K8UT)(coded by K3CT)
Bandmap Window: Change the width of the frequency bar to display the entire frequency when operating the UHF & microwave bands. (coded by K3CT)
Auto Threshold: Check mark the Config, Auto Threshold option when the feature is enabled. (coded by K3CT)
Spots: Re-enable the suppression of duplicate skimmer spots option when the spot table is trimmed due to loading. (coded by K3CT)
DARC10M Contest: Rules URL changed. (DK9TN) (coded by K3CT)
UKDX Contests: Summary window titles reversed. (W6WRT) (coded by K3CT)
SartgNYRTY Contest: Change the contest to use the MiscText field and not interfere with the user note (Ctrl+N) operation. Use a previous program version to submit the Jan 2012 log. (coded by K3CT)
When turning Networked Computer mode off there was no way to abandon taking a workstation offline from the prompt. Now there is. (K0RC) (coded by NA3M)
UDC feature bug fixes, logging QSO with empty Exch field was allowed, prefilling of numeric exchange was not working (RA3TT, UF8T) (coded by NA3M)

Version 12.01.01 (Started Jan 10, 2012) -- Download
Added more info to status message when SendToIP fails (NA3M) (coded by N2IC)
Fixed RTTY repeat timer problem when using {CTRLFx} in message (WW3S) (coded by N2IC)
UDC - added new value for PointsPerContact parameter, PointsPerContact=
Exchange, * - use numeric value entered in Exchange as Points (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M).
Fixed Cabrillo problem for RFCSSB, RFCCW and RFCDIGI contests for received/sent numbers > 999 (R9SA) (coded by NA3M)
RunTime Error: Eliminated a multiuser runtime error. (coded by K3CT)
AutoSend Prompt: Reword the autosend prompt to include additional information. (G3YYD)(coded by K3CT)
Bug: When using the {CALL} macro in the HisCall function key, ESM resends the entered call with every TU message. (coded by K3CT)
Bug: When using CTRL+U in the AGCW contest, the exchange number is incremented.(DK2ZO)(coded by K3CT)
Digital - Change scoring for the SARTG RTTY DX Contest to reflect actual scoring used. (K2DSL)(Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects issues in Multi computer network not changing station status when going to RX (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds new macro for use in RTTY Mode. {BAUD:45} will accept all normal baud rates to make quick baud changes in multi baud contests. Only works with MMTTY,MMVARI for now (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 12.01.00 (Started Jan 03, 2012) -- Download
Bug: The initial operator callsign is not populated from the Station Callsign correctly. (N4ZR)(coded by K3CT)
Copy Contest to Another Database: Added a file check for the target database. (coded by K3CT)
RunTime Error: Eliminated a multiuser runtime error. (coded by K3CT)
Icom Radio: For some Icom radios, change to how often the digital mode and AF gain settings are polled. For these Icom radios, this will cause the Bandmap to update twice as fast when the radio VFO is turned. (coded by K3CT)
CQ SA SSB Contest: Eliminate the conflict with User QSO Note. Changed to use the MiscText database field instead of Comment field. (coded by K3CT)
Don't RaiseGMTTimer event for each entry window. (Internal change, no visible effect) (K3CT)
Fix crash when null entries in Networked Computer table (W2BSN) (coded by N2IC, thanks to K3CT)

Version 11.12.03 (Started Dic 27, 2011) -- Download
Multi-op: Stations worked would be spotted on partner's bandmap. Fixed by no longer spotting calls from other networked users that are on a run frequncy. (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
Changes to reduce program start-up time, or inform the user why start-up is slow. (coded by N2IC)
For networked computers, reduce the duration of active connection attempts (i.e. "red dot"). This will reduce the occurrence of slow performance when some computers on the network are not reachable. (coded by N2IC)
Bug: User note entered before QSO is logged is not saved. All contests effected except CQSASSB, UKSMG, ROPOCO, SartgNYRTY have been fixed. These four will be corrected later. (LY4K)(coded by K3CT)
Voiced Serial Numbers: New feature. The code will automatically use advanced phrasing of serial numbers if the necessary *wav files exist. The first time a number is voiced, the file check is performed and the result is shown in the Info window. The file check is repeated when the operator changes. Benchmark data: time to parse up the wav files to speak "twenty nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine" and start the audio OCX - 5ms (I5 3.6GHz, Win7). (N4ZR)(coded by K3CT)
Available Window: Change to the Shift+Click on spot operation. Current SO2R operation: Send the spot to the radio that is on the spot band, if none, use the in-active radio. If both radios are on the same band, send the spot to the in-active radio. Shift+Click on a spot: determine the radio with the above rules and then send the spot to the opposite radio. There is an existing Right-Click menu option for SO2R to change the radio focus with the spot, "SO2R Focus Follows Spot". (coded by K3CT)
Operator Callsign: Save operator callsign (Ctrl+O) and start the program with the last operator entered. (many)(coded by K3CT)
Letters File Path: Improved error checking for the user programmable letters file path. (coded by K3CT)
SSB Function Key: Improve the SSB function key browse file (SET) button. (coded by K3CT)

Version 11.12.02 (Started Dic 20, 2011) -- Download
Fixed start-up delay when Networked Computers table is empty, has a blank entry, or has never been edited (Coded by N2IC, thanks to K3CT).
(Digital) - Disables change made to Function Key flow introdued in version 11.11.2 when in Digital mode. (Coded by N2AMG)
Bug fix, OK RTTY contest, column names corrected in the Score Summary window (N2NF) (Coded by NA3M)
Bug fix, Reverse Call History Lookup code for IARU, CQWWVHF, AGCW and IOTA contests, could cause a crash when Check window is closed (Coded by NA3M)
CWOps,CWOpsOpen,FOCBWQP: Multiplier window Section view display was not repeatable when switching between contests. Sections are not multipliers in these contests. (W4NZ) (Coded by K3CT)
Edit Contact Window: Prevent users from changing the Contest Name when editing a QSO. (KI4OYF) (Coded by K3CT)
Networked Computer Mode: Speeded up processing of incoming spots from other computers. Should only be noticable in very large logs. (NA3M) (Coded by N1MM)

Version 11.12.01 (Started Dic 13, 2011) -- Download
ARRL 10M: Populate the exchange with KH6, KL7, and color the incoming spots based on the prefix for VE, KL7, and KH6. Do not populate the exchange box with a serial number from a logged contact. Change the Summary window multiplier column title. Change the Multiplier window, Section view, /MM column title. (coded by K3CT)
Call History Import: Add the import directive !!Validate50State!!. When this import directive is inserted in the call history file, only valid state abbreviations will be populated in the State field. (coded by K3CT)
Bug: Corrected the Spot All S&P QSO's feature and added a new method to specify the comment for all spots which includes fields from the QSO data. This option is listed in the Telnet window right-click menu. These options are not saved on program exit. (coded by K3CT)
EntryWindow: Turn off the ESM button color when Quick Editing a QSO. (W2ID) (coded by K3CT)

Version 11.12.00 (Started Dic 06, 2011) -- Download
Added networked computer number for future improvements (no visible changes (Coded by N2IC)
Bug fix: LZDX and YUDX, entering callsign with a slash was causing Run-time error (WS4T) (Coded by NA3M)
New contest NRRLFYLKE (for Norway stations only) added (LA6FJA) (Coded by NA3M)
Bug fix: ARRL10M contest - 10 min band change timer was showing up in the Info window for Multi Op stations (CX6VM) (Coded by NA3M)
UDC feature bug fix: MultSqlString3 was not working (G4OGB) (Coded by NA3M)
Multiplier window, EPC-UKR-DX contest, not enough space for section names (RA3TT) (Coded by NA3M)
BC QSO Party: Rules update. (VA7BEC) (coded by K3CT)
ARRL 10M: Several state multipliers colored with no QSO's logged. QSO points now are zero if QSO is on the wrong band. Removed the old novice point scoring. Changed PE mult to PEI per the ARRL rules. Added R1, R2, and R3 mults to the Multiplier window. Added populating of VE exchange. Users should import the exchange in the call history State field. The Exch field will work but the log won't be checked first. Tnx VE3KI for help with testing. (coded by K3CT)
Edit SSB Function Key: Improve the operation when using the Set button. Ignore {Log} macros, convert the {Operator} macro, and add the program path when a fully qualified path isn't used. (coded by K3CT)
Entry Window Help: Improve the Help menu and add a Tools option to download the latest *pdf manual. Users should store the manual in the program directory so it can be used by the new Help menu item. (coded by K3CT)
SSB Message Recording: When recording a SSB message ignore the {Log} macros. (coded by K3CT)

Version 11.11.04 (Started Nov 29, 2011) -- Download
Set SSB messages dialog: Fix runtime error when path is blank and set is pressed (N4ZR) (Coded by N1MM)
Networked computer mode (Multiop) - Ctl-N (note) was updating the last QSO not the last QSO by the editing station. Corrects runtime errors on the other networked computers (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
The sequence of the Score Summary listing for CQWW swapped, it is now Pts, ZN, Cty. This applies to all CQWW (CW, SSB, RTTY) and GACW (WWSA) contests (KR2Q). (Coded by NA3M)
Bug: Eliminate a Runtime error when View, Off Time is used with some logs. (coded by K3CT)
CPU Threshold: Reduction of the CPU load threshold level to reduce the initial CW hesitation when an idle computer receiving a high telnet spot flow is used to send CW. (coded by K3CT)

Version 11.11.03 (Started Nov 22, 2011) -- Download
Bug: Introduced in version 11.11.02. Error occurs with Manual Radio, LPT CW, and ESC pressed. (coded by K3CT)
K3 Radio Issue: When using WinKey and PTT via Radio Command, no hardware PTT, the radio doesn't always return to RX when ESC is pressed. This only occurs when a function key and ESC are pressed with little delay. Discovered that there is no error when the CW keying line is unplugged from the K3 radio. The issues has been reported to Elecraft and a work around was added to the program in this version for CW and SSB operation. (N4BP) (coded by K3CT)
Label Change: Change the radio port Hardware & Software label wording. (N4ZR)(coded by K3CT)
Help Button Link: The log type selection window help link has changed. (N4ZR)(coded by K3CT)

Version 11.11.02 (Started Nov 16, 2011) -- Download
Corrected the URL generated for from entry and bandmap windows (PA3HK) (Coded by N1MM)
PTT via Radio Command: In CW mode when using PTT via radio command, the radio doesn't always return to RX when ESC is pressed. This appears to be a fast computer, LPT CW only issue. (K6LL)(coded by K3CT)
K3 DVK: Added code to stop the K3 DVK when ESC is pressed. (coded by K3CT)
Bug fix for UDC feature, PointsPerContact = MyCountry, ... was not working properly (BA4ALC). (coded by NA3M)
Fix crash when previously configured radio codec (sound card) disappears. This can happen when N1MM Logger is started, the radio with the internal codec is off, and the "Configure Ports..." option is selected. (coded by N2IC)
Fixed SS category/Cabrillo cross-check validation. (coded by N2IC)
When an SSB function key is blank (i.e. "-"), do not try to use a letters file to speak "dash". This will facilitate setting F5 to "-" and F2 to exchange.wav when using ESM. (coded by N2IC)
Changed ESM processing so that when in Run mode, and a callsign has been entered, hitting the Space Bar when in the callsign field will advance the ESM state so that the next message sent with the Enter key will be "Thanks", rather than the exchange. (coded by N2IC)

Version 11.11.01 (Started Nov 08, 2011) -- Download
New Feature: (User Text Display) Add a UserText field to the call history database, file import, and call history file export. The UserText appears below the bearing when the Entry Window height is large enough. Call history does not need to be enabled for the user text to be displayed. The feature is disabled automatically when the height of the Entry window is made smaller and the UserText line disappears. The UserText length is limited to 60 characters. Naturally, commas cannot be used in the user text data. If UserText data is repeated in the import file, the duplicate text is not appended. Added additional user comments to the Call History export file. Comments do not need to be removed for file import. Added new import directive commands. A summary of all import directive commands is added to the call history export file comment text. Corrections made to the call history import routine. (coded by K3CT)
RSGB Club: Late change requests. Change the contest to use the MiscText database field for the Club name allowing Call History to be used for this field. Since the exchange data is stored in a different field starting with this version, users will not be able to revert to an older program version without exporting ADIF, changing the field name, and importing. Tnx to G4LMW for testing. (G4LMW) (coded by K3CT)
RSGB Club: Contacts with non-RSGB stations are allowed and score three QSO points. (G4OGB) (coded by K3CT)
Suspect Zone Check: The VE5 default zone used for the Zone Check is incorrect. (W4FT) (coded by K3CT)
Recording WAV File: When a directory had to be created, the software did not create the directory. This could also fix the reports that the QSO recording does not work. Please test for both, report any issues. (K1MK)(coded by K3CT)
Telnet Window Title: The timeout value listed in the title of the Telnet window does not update when the setting is changed. (K0RC) (coded by K3CT)
Help Links: Fix several URL's for window Help selection. Add a Help button to the Multiplier and Visual Dupe sheet because the right click Help menu only appears in a limited area or not at all. (G4LMW) (coded by K3CT)
Import Transaction Log: Fixed a Runtime Error that prevented transaction imports when multi-user was not enabled. (KK7X) (coded by K3CT)
Recording WAV File: When a directory had to be added, the software did not create the directory. This could also fix some errors with the QSO recording. Please test this change. (coded by K3CT)
Digital: Corrects not being able to stack macro buttons in both digital windows. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital: corrects CTRL-Save in WAE contest from not wrking in DI2. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital: Corrects an issue in WAE Contest where macro substitutions would not work when sending QTC macros (Coded by N2AMG)
Enhancement: WAE RTTY, new color scheme for Band Map adopted from WAE CW and WAE SSB to allow better QTC exchange. See reflector message no. 78889 for details. **Note: versions from 11.9.01 to 11.11.00 do not work correctly for WAE RTTY (in terms of colors in the Band Map).** (Coded by NA3M)
Bug Fix: Zones and countries placed into the wrong columns in Score Summary window. (coded by NA3M)
Bug Fix: Beam heading for RA0UF (and other stations located in ZK) was missing in the Entry window (K1KO). (coded by NA3M)

Version 11.11.00 (Started Nov 02, 2011) -- Download
Removed incorrect Cabrillo/SS Precedence cross-check. (N4ZR) (coded by N2IC)

Version 11.10.03 (Started Oct 25, 2011) -- Download
Added message to error 48 in Station.Initialize to suggest putting DAO360.DLL in the install dir (N2IC) (Coded N1MM)
Orion Radio: Status message correction to the Orion handshaking change released in 11.10.2. (N1MM) (coded K3CT)
VHFREG1: Rules link changed. (coded by K3CT)
Database: Add a field to the call history database for a future change. (coded by K3CT)

Version 11.10.02 (Started Oct 18, 2011) -- Download
JARTS WW RTTY contest bug fix, column names corrected in the Score Summary window. Link to the rules updated. (Coded by NA3M)
When using ctrl-k to exit the keyboard CW window, CW will continue to be sent until completion (coded by N2IC)
Fix multiplier column names in 40 contests (Coded by NA3M)
QSO Party: QSO Parties using Cabrillo 3.0 are missing four header fields. (K2DB) (coded by K3CT)
HI QSO Party: New website for HI QSO Party. (AH0A) (coded by K3CT)
SO2V Mode: Disable the stereo ( ` ) key operation when the radio is not interfaced. Eliminates a run-time error. (coded by K3CT)
Orion Radio: When the radio is not connected or turned on at program start, the program initialization is slow. Hardware handshaking now requires that CTS is connected per the Orion manual. (N1EU) (coded by K3CT)
QSO Party: The Summary window titles were changed by an earlier program release. (coded by NA3M)
Bug fix for: already worked callsigns still show up in the Band Map even if "Show non-workable spots in bandmap" is unchecked. This bug was introduced in ver. 11.09.01. (RW9C). (Coded by NA3M)
Digital - Adds the ability to stack calls from the secondary RX windows. (N2WQ) (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Code clean up for correct radio codec use in the digital engines. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 11.10.01 (Started Oct 11, 2011) -- Download
CQ SA contest bug fix, column names corrected in the Score Summary window. (Coded by NA3M)
VHFREG1 contest bug fix, "Show Non-Workable Spots In Bandmap" is not turning off non-workable spots. (PC5M) (Coded by NA3M)
bug fix, after editing QSO in the Log window Points value was truncated from 5 to 4 digits by losing the least significant digit. (W4DXX) (Coded by NA3M)
HSCCW contest bug fix, dupes were not reset in the second part of the contest. (DK2FG) (Coded by NA3M)
UDC feature bug fix, Russian oblasts are not counted as multipliers in UDC contests. (R3CM, UA3MIF)(Cdd by NA3M)
UDC feature enhancement, new parameter /CountMultOnlyForSec/ added, see updated Help.txt for details (Coded by NA3M)

Version 11.10.00 (Started Oct 04, 2011) -- Download
NY QSO Party: Change the URL for the rules link. (K2DB) (coded by K3CT)
Call History Import: An error is generated when a repeated callsign in the input text file contained leading spaces. (coded by K3CT)
Configurer GUI: Add selectors confirm radio codec device(s) in the Config, Audio tab dialog. (coded by N2IC)
Radio Codec: When using digital modes, the Icom radio codec menu was not reset correctly at the end of a digital transmission. Change the command to reset the Icom menu to ACC instead of MIC/ACC. (coded by K3CT)
Radio Codec: Users may want to use external USB audio codec for digital modes instead of the radio codec. Enable the radio codec code only when the Config, Audio tab radio codec and PTT via radio command by mode are both enabled. (W4TV) (coded by K3CT)
Manual Radio: When changing from an interfaced radio to a non-interfaced radio, some program internals were not reset. (coded by K3CT)
N1MM On-Line Manual: Updated the Icom radio codec setup documentation found at Files, Additional Support Files. (K3CT)
Converted program to use InpOut32.dll as a replacement for DLPORTIO. Works with 32 & 64 bit OS's (N2IC)
Digital - Corrects text in DI text window from not clearing when going back to recieve. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When double clicking on a callsign to replace existing call in EW clear all fields in EW first. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Disables Double Click event if Digital Callstacking is On and calls are stacked. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When grabbing call from grab window clear EW first before placing call in EW (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - With Calls stacked and wiping call in EW prevents reloading old calls data when pulling another call from stack (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Correctly resets CallsStacked variable when CQ-Frequency is in Callsign Caption (N2AMG)
Digital - Turns Dueling-CQ off when callsign is placed in EW of other radio (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Changes locations in PSK Engines where Radio Codecs are enabled and disabled for quicker response to when the engines go into and out of transmit (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects SO2R issues introduced in 11.9.2 (Coded by N2AMG)
EPC RU DX, TRC DX, TARA PSK and RSGB 21/28 MHz contests bug fix, column names corrected in the Score Summary window. (Coded by NA3M)

Version 11.09.04 (Started Sep 27, 2011) -- Download
EPCRUDX PSK63 Contest bug fix, the contest was not available in the contest list. (G3YJQ) (Coded by NA3M)
UDC feature enhancement, PointsPerContact parameter can be used for FM, RTTY, DIGI modes to assign proper number of points, Help.txt file updated
(LU7HZ) (Coded by NA3M)
CQWW RTTY bug fix, Zone and DX columns are reversed in the Score Summary window. (W4DXX) (Coded by NA3M)

Version 11.09.03 (Started Sep 20, 2011) -- Download
NY QSO Party: Add the EMAIL field to the Cabrillo header use the email address in the Station Information window. (K2DB) (coded by K3CT)

Version 11.09.02 (Started Sep 14, 2011) -- Download
Digital - Reduces amount of screen space Multi-RX Browser takes up (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds Callsign box to each row of Bulti-RX Browser. Call is clickable and acts like clicking call in stream. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds ability to turn off channel markers in MMVARI waterfall with Multi-RX Browser open. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Adds ability to only display Audio frequency in Multi-RX Browser. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects file open errors when outputting recieved text to text file. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Moved "Output Main RX to textFile" menu item to the main Setup menu in Digital windows (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - corrects Run-Time 91 error when using TNC and have no Digital com ports set. (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects ability to stack Function key presses that was broken in a previous version (Coded by N2AMG)
Digital - When Dueling CQ's are turned on pressing "\" to change focus or "Esc" will turn Dueling CQ's off. (coded by N2AMG)
Digital - Corrects issue of Digital SO2R lockout not functioning correctly. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 11.09.01 (Started Sep 13, 2011) -- Download
Radio Control: Icom radio control combines the filter setting with the mode command. Use the program bandwidth displayed in the Bandmap, map it to Icom filter setting 1 or 2 when programming the CW, CW-R, USB, LSB radio modes. IC-735 excluded because of firmware limitations. (VU2PTT) (coded by K3CT)
All Asia: Age was exported as N1MM_Exchange1 instead of age. (AD1C) (Coded by N1MM)
CIS DX QPSK63 contest (CISDXQPSK) - changes made per new rules (N2SO) (coded by NA3M)
RDAC bug fix, multiplier names were swapped in Score window. (R3CM) (Coded by NA3M)
RDAC bug fix, prefilling serial numbers was removed. (R3CM) (Coded by NA3M)
Bug fix, oblast for callsigns with double "/" (like UA1AA/4/P) was not obtained correctly. (R3CM) (Coded by NA3M)
Bug fix, bearing in the Band Map for some Russian stations (call area 9 and 0) were not correct. (R3CM) (Coded by NA3M)
Enhancement for WAEDC, new color scheme for Band Map implemented to allow better QTC exchange. (R3CM) (Coded by NA3M)
Enhancement for lockout feature (for Networked Computers only) - if sending at the same time is detected do not interrupt station that is in QSO but stop sending for CQ-ing station (originally low priority station was interrupted). (RG9A) (Coded by NA3M)
Bug fix, UDC (user defined contest) feature, if section file is used only count as multiplier abbreviations that are in .sec file. (Coded by NA3M)
Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) - for Multi-Multi category (allowed only for Scandinavian stations) QSO Numbers by Band is enabled. (OH8A) (Coded by NA3M)

Version 11.09.00 (Started Sep 06, 2011) -- Download
New contest NRRLNFD added (FDREG1 was used for it in older versions), corrections made according to the recent rules (LA6FJA) (coded by NA3M)
MINITESTCW contest, Point column in Log window added to see duplicate Qs. (UA3MIF) (Coded by NA3M)
RUSDXRTTY bug fix: Score Window, the DXC & OBL field were in reverse order. (IT9VDQ) (Coded by NA3M)
RFCDIGI bug fix: band change counter was disabled for all categories. (R3CM) (Coded by NA3M)
Radio Control: Added additional polling data validation for the FT-9000, FT-5000, FT-2000, FT-950 radios. Corrupt polling data has been captured from the FT-9000. Errors are logged in the ErrorLog.txt file and displayed on the EntryWindow status line. The ErrorLog.txt file can be deleted if the size grows. (ON6ML) (coded by K3CT)
Radio Control: When using CTRL+PgUp/Dn, the digital mode is not set correctly. (G3YYD) (coded by K3CT)
Radio Control: The FT-857 radio selection does not work correctly. The FT-857 does not provide CAT information to indicate which VFO is active. This radio can only be used in SO1V or SO2R mode. (NN3RP) (coded by K3CT)
AZ QSO Party: Rules change, remove RST. (KE7DX) (coded by K3CT)

Version 11.08.04 (Started Aug 30, 2011) -- Download
Fixed bug in ContestModesOnly option changed in 11.8.2. (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM)
RDAD KRnn sections were being interpreted as numeric (i.e. non-oblast) for Swedish language users (SM0MPV)
CQWW & GACW Contest: Score summary window titles reversed for DXCC & Zone. Second request which was adopted was to reverse the data and leave the titles in the original order. (CX6VM, K6NA) (coded by K3CT)
SCC RTTY Contest: Enable the band counter for SingleOp Unassisted. Fix the contest rules link. (S55O) (coded by K3CT)
Added Radio Mode to Available Window right-click options to restrict spots to the active radio mode. (Coded by N1MM)

Version 11.08.03 (Started Aug 23, 2011) -- Download
ContestModesOnly option in packet filter was not based on QSX Frequency. Now it is (N2IC) (Coded by N1MM)
Call History Lookup: Clear the last cached call history lookup when Tools, Update Call History with Current Log is used. (NE7D) (coded by K3CT)
AL QSO Party: Rules change to the VE mults. (K4AB) (coded by K3CT)
EntryWindow: Changes to the Config menu wording and organization. (coded by K3CT)
Error Message Window: When a program error is detected, limit the number of error windows that will be displayed to three. Reset the logic when no errors occur in one minute. Continue to log all errors in the ErrorLog.txt file. (coded by K3CT)
Renamed "Change Sub Bands" to "Change Band Plan", for consistency with the name "band plan" in other places in the program. (coded by N2IC)
The band plan tables for each mode (CW, SSB, Digital) now show both the program default band plans, and any user customizations. (coded by N2IC)
Reduced TS-590 inter-CAT-message timing for better response. (coded by N2IC)

Version 11.08.02 (Started Aug 16, 2011) -- Download
Radio Control: In SO2R with one radio in split and TX/RX focus on different radios, using ALT+F7 caused the TX focus radio to be programmed
to the RX focus frequency. (NA0N) (coded by K3CT)
Run Time Error: Eliminate a runtime error when no radio is interfaced, SO2R selected, and using ALT+F7. (coded by K3CT)
IA QSO Party: Rule change to the contest end time. (coded by K3CT)
Radio Control: Garbled data from FTDX9000 radio causing RunTime error. Change made in a common routine for FT2000, FTDX5000, FTDX9000, and FT950. Received data was error logged and is invalid. Cause could be Windows power-down, RF, or radio firmware. (ON6ML) (coded by K3CT)
Add settings to Default Settings file that were missed in a previous release. (Coded by N2AMG)
Adds new setting to External UDP Broadcasts to allow broadcasting All Stations Logged Qso's (Coded by N2AMG)
Changes to External UDP Format to send true operator call in output of logged Qso. (Coded by N2AMG)
Changes Tooltip Label of SntNr and RcvNr textboxes to Number Recieved and Number Sent as they are used to collect other numbers besides Serial Numbers. (Coded by N2AMG)

Version 11.08.01 (Started Aug 09, 2011) -- Download
CAT Macro: Do not start the CQ repeat timer when the a CAT command is sent to the radio if the function key macro contains a *.WAV file name. Please test internal radio DVK messages triggered by CAT commands with CQ repeat. (KE1B) (coded by K3CT)
Bug: Eliminate the runtime error caused when the user programmable path for QSO recording required more than one directory to be created. (coded by K3CT)
Bug: Improve the voice message file operation and eliminate runtime errors caused by directories that didn't exist. (coded by K3CT)
For RTTY mode of ARRL Rookie Round up split exchange boxes into 3 seperate boxes so the exchange is clickable (Coded by N2AMG)
ARRL Rookie Roundup - If you are not a rookie you are still able to contact other non-rookie stations but no credit is issued (Coded by N2AMG)
RDA contest (RDAC), the error in the Multipliers (when Sect is selected) was fixed (K3MSB) (coded by NA3M)
RDA contest, when Call History Lookup is enabled preselect only numeric part of prefilled RDA ID (R8TX) (coded by NA3M)
New contest HBC (Ham Book Contest) added (RO6L) (coded by NA3M)
ROPOCO Contest: Rescoring causes Cabrillo output to be incorrect. Add stored exchange column to the Log Window. Update rules URL. Contest note: The nature of this contest requires that the user log the QSO on one radio (SO2R) or VFO (SO2V) before "sending" the exchange on the other radio or VFO. (G4LMW) (coded by K3CT)
SO2R CW, {CTRLFx} was not activating PTT on Radio 2. Fixed. (coded by N2IC)

Version 11.08.00 (Started Aug 01, 2011) -- Download
Removed Winkey version check message from Info Window (K1EL) (Coded by N1MM)
Networked Computer mode: eliminated unexpected connection messages. Improved WAN connection reliability. (N1MM) (Coded by N2IC)

alt Il programma N1MM Logger è destinato per la registrazione dei contest e di alcune registrazioni di tipo generale. Non è un programma per la registrazione generale con statistiche di tipo awards, traking, ecc. ma è stato concepito principalmente per il contest.
Sono supportati tutti i maggiori Contest HF inclusi Generali DX logging, DXpedition, DXSatellit e FHFdx. Supporta l'RTTY tramite l'engine dell'MMTTY, o l'HAL DXP38 ed altri TNC (come PK-232).
Supporta altri modi digitali come PSK31, PSK63 e MFSK16 usando MMVARI engine.
Controlla la radio con una sofisticata visualizzazione degli spot su una doppia bandmap grafica espandibile a seconda del numero degli spot mostrati. Cliccando su uno degli spot questo sarà immesso nel campo del call e contemporaneamente sarà descritto nella finestra Info.
Il report del contest verrà fatto secondo le regole del contest in atto e viene stampato o salvato su file nel formato ADIF o Cabrillo pronto per la spedizione. Senza dubbio è uno dei migliori programmi, se non il migliore, che esistano ed è gratuito.

Note per l'installazione: Chi ancora non usa N1MM DEVE lanciare questa versione completa e, successivamente, senza lanciare il programma, installare l'ultimo aggiornamento sopravvenuto nel frattempo che sarà sempre CUMULATIVO degli aggiornamenti sopravvenuti alla versione Full.
Non disinstallare/reinstallare le precedenti versioni perché tutto è calcolato perché vengano sovrascritte, sarà buona cosa, però, fare il backup della vecchia directory a salvaguardia dei dati.

Apply the latest update after installing this. It will be CUMULATIVE. Please do not ask on the Yahoo group if you need to install all the updates. You don't. I will make fun of you if you ask.
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